Payday 2: Alesso Heist Stealth Walkthrough Guide

There’s a walkthrough of the new Alesso Heist DLC for Payday 2 on the Death Wish difficulty. This is one of the longer heists in the game, with a lengthy process to setup the heists by having to get a bunch of C4 and finishing things off with a climatic concert song from techno trance artist Alesso working his way into the game’s heist with a neat pyrotechnic display.

YouTuber Kknowley has a video up talking through the stealth elements of the level and the process required of attaining the C4 and setting up the forklift. You can check out the 20 minute video below. If you’re planning on soloing the heist it’s definitely going to take a while, but if you bring a decent team it shouldn’t be too much of a problem on the lower difficulty settings.

Payday 2: Alesso Heist – First Impressions (Deathwish Stealth)

Heists keep getting better and better, but is this one worth the $7 price tag? Check out what the DLC contains here: Oh – apparently this is blocked in Germany. Apologies 🙁 I’m now a member of Last Bullet. Check them out here:

So at the start you’re going to want to locate the five C4 charges. These are usually located behind the white doors and scattered randomly throughout the arena. If you’re going to go through stealthily you can lockpick the doors while the guards and staff aren’t looking to search for the C4 charges.

As mentioned in the video above, some of the guards have specific patrol patterns so you can wait for them to move before going to the place you need to get to. Alternatively, as showcased in the video above, you can have some staff get down, tie them up and move them out of the way to avoid getting caught by the armed guards. That’s assuming the staff spots you.

Payday 2

After you line up the forklift with the ceiling to plant the C4, you’ll need to partake in a small pyrotechnic mini-game in the control room. After finishing the mini-game the C4 will blow the floor out and the goods will drop down to be picked up by the forklift.

You can see how the escape plays out after blowing out the floor with the C4 in the video below from Dravec.

After placing the cutters, grabbing the money and filling the bags, you can then head up to elevator chute and toss the bags in, which will allow you to get the bags upstairs slightly easier.

Get the bags into the main hall where there’s a zipline waiting on one of the platforms that will take the bags up to the cargo hold where the helicopter will fly you out.

Once the bags are upstairs, toss them into the cargo hold and get into the cargo hold as well and the mission is done.

The Alleso Heist DLC is available right now for PC users, it’s available for $6.99. You can pick up a copy from Steam or learn more by paying a visit to the official website. The Crimewave Edition of Payday 2 for the Xbox One and PS4 is due to drop on June 12th.


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