Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines PS Vita Playthrough

One of the platforms that rarely gets a lot of coverage on this site is the PlayStation Vita. It’s not that I don’t like the PlayStation Vita or that the platform lacks good games (although an argument can be made about that) it’s just that it’s rare that noteworthy games make it through the press wire frequently in North America. Well, one game that’s flown well under the radar is Alfa System’s Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines. The game was recently ported over to North America after enjoying some decent success when it released last summer in Japan.

YouTuber Gadget Girl Kylie recently did an extended playthrough of Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines for the PS Vita and covered many of the basic gameplay elements, the character creation, the boss fights and the combat. You can check out the playthrough below.

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The theme song is pretty cool. It’s subtle and melodic enough that it actually made me pay attention to the animated intro, something that’s rarely accomplished with all the other J-pop music out there that makes me feel like I’m listening to Eastern-flavored music mirrored after Justin Bieber. The OST for Oreshika is pretty good, though. It has some nice classical flavors thrown in there while maintaining an air of mystical fantasy.

The difficulty setting is kind of neat, giving gamers an exact idea of how long it will take to complete the game. For the hardcore gamer, labeled “Fanatical”, the difficulty and play-time is set at 100 hours for the completition time. For casual players the game can be completed in under 30 hours.

The basic story behind the game is that after you create your character it turns out your clan is part of a cursed bloodline (hence the name) and your three main clan members are resurrected after a metrosexual god comes down and has a fellow god sacrifice herself to bring your clan back to life.

Ultimately, your clan’s goal is to go get revenge against the one who cursed you. So you have to train, level-up, get strong and then lift the curse that condemns you and your lineage to only two years of life.

If you don’t care about all the pleasantries that setup the game’s story and characters, you can see what the actual gameplay is like by skipping to the second video in the playlist and fast-forwarding to the eight minute mark. That’s 8:00.

The actual gameplay first sees the player being able to choose which map location they go to. Once you head to a location you run around like typical JRPGs, exploring and all that jazz. If you run into enemies on-screen it’ll enter the turn-based combat mode. The combat system is very similar to the old-school turn-based games on the SNES, so if you remember how to play those games you’ll be right at home with Oreshika.

If you already have the game and figured you would look at some alternative methods for securing victory, the playthrough above works well for that. If you haven’t already purchased the game or acquired the demo for the PS Vita, you can do so by picking up a copy right now or visiting the official website for more info.


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