Lifeless Planet Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

The Xbox One recently received Lifeless Planet, the year-old title from Stage 2 Studios. The third-person adventure title is chock full of exploration puzzles and features a ton of platforming and visually stimulating scenarios based on an illusionary depiction of Mars.

There’s a neat gameplay walkthrough available from SuperBoeBros Gaming that breezes through most of the segments and offers quick solutions to some of the puzzles. It’s an older walkthrough for when the game first came out but you can check it out below.

Lifeless Planet – Gameplay Walkthrough with Lukeboe – YouTube

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In the early parts of the game you’ll need to find some oxygen supplies to sustain the player character’s life. You’ll find most of the oxygen readily available by simply following the footsteps in the desert to the proper locations.

One of the segments that stumped some players occurred early on when it comes to finding the missing codes to access the laboratory. You’ll find the second set of codes in the red house.

After you find your missing pal you can get into the red house by rolling the barrel up to the stacked barrels placed by the side of the house. Jump up to the top and platform across to get into the red house through the broken roof.

there’s also a fast playthrough available from DSR07Gaming that’s done without commentary. It’s a very quick, very fast two hour and 28 minute playthrough that you can check out below.

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The video series above shows you how to use the remote arm to complete some of the puzzles. Also, during the lava segment, you can roll the rocks over molten parts and use them as platforms to get around some of the fiery lava spurts.

Lifeless Planet is available right now for PC and Xbox One. You can grab a digital copy right now or head on over to the official website if you want to learn a little bit more about the existential indie title.


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One thought on “Lifeless Planet Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

  1. Picked it up recently off the XBox store for pretty cheap. It’s an interesting little game, though the mechanics are at times a bit annoying and the graphics aren’t the best. It seems much more like a mid 2000’s game than something from 2014.

    On a scale of 1 to 10? I’d call it an 7.5. Fun once, but it doesn’t seem to have much replay value.

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