Kingdom Wars 2: Battles Could Give Total War A Run For Its Money

A new strategy game featuring kingdom management, strategic army battles, great graphics and complex city building has been trucking through Early Access and it’s called Kingdom Wars 2: Battles.

The game comes courtesy of Reverie World Studios, features an episodic single-player campaign, siege combat and online multiplayer modes reminiscent of a persistent MMO.

Players can craft weapons, research buildings, allocate resources and manage thousands of on-screen soldiers at a time. One of the game’s true highlights is the improved siege combat, which is bound to give Creative Assembly’s Total War franchise a real run for its money.

As mentioned on the Early Access page…

“Realistic medieval siege combat brings fresh gameplay to the Strategy genre, with intricate stronghold construction, and over 25 defensive and offensive siege weapons. Ram the enemy gates, scale the walls with ladders and siege towers, and unleash trebuchet bombardments, while building your own strongholds and citadels protected by boiling oil and wall-mounted catapults.”

What’s more is that there are long-term tech trees thanks to the game’s card deck unlock system that expands and grows as players stack up victories across various battlefields. This will carry over into the game’s persistent MMO mode that allows players to form alliances, build up their own guilds and conquer territory like it was the dark ages all over again.

Leveling and progress also spans the likes of three distinct races, including humans, orcs and elves. Each one has a different take on economic growth, military growth and diplomatic growth.

You can see the game’s first mission in action courtesy of YouTuber The Master Archer. It’s a 14 minute video that gives you an idea of what the orcs are like in combat and how the battles play out. Check it out below.

Kindom Wars 2 Battles

The First mission in the first episode of Kingdom Wars 2 Battles. Sorry this is the 2nd part not the first.

Majority of the Early Access reviews for the game are fairly positive. Kenshi-G mentioned in his Early Access review…

“This is absolutely fantastic real time strategy game for you all whole love large scale battles, and also to those who love building big empires to rule the land. I personally love the siege elements of the game so far.”

Kenshi has already contributed more than 10 full hours of his life to the game. So he writes from experience.

Batesman87 compared it to Total War but gave the edge of realism to Creative Assembly, writing…

“Are the graphics amazing? no, not really, but its fun and its not taking itself too seriously. I play total war games when i want complete realism on the battlefield. The game is large scale, and i cant stress enough, just fun.”

The negative reviews for the game all complain about the game not being finished and that there are bugs and features that aren’t implemented yet. Though I would like to assume that perhaps they read the part about the game being in Early Access, the negative reviews read as if they didn’t bother reading that the game is unfinished because it’s still in Early Access.

The developers are iterating and adding new features quite regularly, with the latest update having appeared on April 29th, 2015. They’re still fixing up the synchronization of multiplayer in the free-for-all modes before expanding them further, and they’re also working on improving the optimization as well, including better GUI responses, save options, visual performance upgrades and PvP exploits.

For now the game seems to be showing a lot of promise and has the potential to give the Total War series a serious run for its money. You can pick up a digital copy of the Early Access version of the game for $19.99 from the Steam store, or you can pay a visit to the game’s official website and learn more about design scope and features.


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  1. You’re comparing this to Total War? lol, they’re nothing alike! I’d compare this more to that of Stronghold and even then I dare say Stronghold is still better in some areas. Also, you’ve got a kid commenting in the video? nice.. I’d be surprised if anyone takes this post seriously.

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