Gunnheim, Four-Player Co-op Shooter Arrives On Steam Greenlight

Set in a world inspired by Viking mythology and featuring four-player local or online co-op, Gunnheim is like the low-poly baby of Diablo and Borderlands. The game is a throwback to the era where coin-up co-op was a standard and the quality of AAA games weren’t measured on a scale of light-brown to dirty-brown military shooters.

Sieidi recently sent out word that Gunnheim has gone live on Steam Greenlight and they popped out a promotional trailer to help push their first major game into the spotlight. You can check it out below.

Gunnheim Greenlight Trailer

Get Gunnheim on Steam Early Access: Homepage: Facebook: Twitter: Game by SIEIDI __________________ Gunnheim is a 1-4 player shooter game inspired by Viking mythology and the golden era of Local Co-Op gaming.

The game sports skill unlocks, major boss fights, multiple story episodes for players to complete and the game supports nukes… yep, nukes.

The feedback for the game is ridiculously positive. Amused Sloth wrote…

“Vikings with guns. I’m sold and I’m dusting my controllers as we speak :D.”

The local co-op seems to be the flavor of the day and a lot of gamers have upvoted Gunnheim for that feature alone. In fact Drkwatch chimed in to say just that…

“Couldn’t spam the yes button fast enough, literally just because “local coop”. Yeeeeeeees bitch, that is disappearing and we need more of it.”

A Gauntlet-style shooter with Worms-esque graphics and plenty of blood, guns and bullets? I’m sold.

If you’re the kind of gamer who can’t get into an action shooter unless it has some deep meaning or story behind it, don’t worry because Siedi has you covered. Over on their official blog they give a detailed rundown of the story and how the ruler of hell went crazy and gave the place up so everyone would go buck wild, resulting in Vikings with guns to come to the rescue.

If you like guns, if you like killing hell-spawns, if you like nukes and if you like Vikings kicking the living crap out of everything that stands in their way in either local or online four-player co-op, you’ll probably like Gunnheim.

You can give the game an upvote and favorite over on the Steam Greenlight page. You can also keep track of game updates by paying a visit to the official Gunnheim website.


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