GTA 5 Script Hook V Now Works With Patch 350.2

[Update: A new multiplayer server has launched that allows for mods]

[Original article:] Rockstar recently patched GTA V on PC to block mods and trainers. They later began rolling out bans on people using the cheats and trainers, threatening to perma-ban repeat offenders. Well, the latest release of the GTA V Script Hook V native trainer can bypass the modding blockade Rockstar put up, and it also offers a solution for those attempting to cheat in the online portion of the game.

Over on the GTA Forums, Alexander Blade updated the post to inform forum goers that the newest version of Script Hook V now works with Rockstar’s latest patch. The company, as of May 1st, 2015, noted on their official support forums that patch 350.2 was issued to fix game stability. It also works to prevent users from using trainers in the game.

Well, Script Hook V not only allows you to cheat in the single-player portion of the game but it also allows you to use all the custom .asi scripts that are compatible with the native trainer. There is also a nice little note in the readme file to acknowledge that the latest version of Script Hook V – while completely compatible with GTA V version 350.2 – does not support functionality with the online mode. Blade states in the readme…

“Script hook closes the game when player goes Online, this is done because the game reports installed mods list to R* while being in Online mode.”

In the previous article about players being banned for using mods, it was noted that there’s a Reddit thread filled to the brim with people being banned or kicked out of the game for using the trainer while attempting to go online. This is a feature no longer supported by the trainer, and should help alleviate some of the headache that gamers are going through if they accidentally leave the native trainer on while attempting to go online.

If you want to bumble with the bunghole of GTA V’s innards, you can still do so… but just not online, for now.

As far as open modding goes, the OpenIV team are still hard at work finding ways to allow modders to read, extract, edit and re-encrypt the files so that modding can become a real possibility for everyone. In the meantime, open modding in GTA V on PC is out of the question and the only thing modders can do is view the rpf and asset files in the game.

If you want to get your hands on the new Script Hook V native trainer, you can do so right now by heading on over to the official website and downloading the latest version. It’s only 300kb so there’s no need to worry about sparing room on your hard drive for the trainer. It’s also nice that you no longer have to go through the ridiculous procedure of downgrading your game to use the trainer.

Huge thanks to One Angry Gamer reader 341464 for the tip.


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