GTA 5 Players Won’t Be Banned For Cosmetic Mods

If you haven’t heard, Rockstar Games is dropping the banhammer on GTA V modders like Thor drops the hammer on anyone unworthy. However, Rockstar isn’t entirely devoid of sympathy for their customers. They sometimes, from the perch upon which they sit – sculpted and hewn from the felled wallets of gamers – bestow benevolence to their subjects. Sometimes.

DSO Gaming is reporting that some PC gamers who have been banned from GTA V have reached out to Rockstar to understand exactly what constitutes a ban. Some reports have been uneven or greatly exaggerated, noting that no matter what – whether playing in single-player or multiplayer – people are being banned for just having mods installed. However, according to Craig C., from Rockstar support, it was stated…

“Cosmetic mods are not a bannable offense. However if you require technical support after installing a mod you will need to uninstall the mod before we can help you with any issue you have, as we do not officially support Mods.”

That’s a very well-reasoned response.

You can check out the full letter from the image below.

This has created another kerfuffle, as gamers are now questioning what’s considered “cosmetic” and what isn’t? Is modding yourself into a crow or a cow cosmetic? Is messing with the field of vision cosmetic? Is lightening or darkening the game cosmetic? Texture replacements? Cars with invisible textures? What exactly defines “cosmetic” and how much of it needs to be affected before bans are handed out like cyanide pills at MI6?

The bans aren’t entirely limited to PC gamers, though. Attack of the Fanboy recently reported that console gamers are also getting hit like a minority walking across a shooting range at a police academy.

According to the article, users reportedly stated that they were being banned for participating in modded lobbies, with the notice letting them know that temporary bans would be handed out for…

“Inappropriate Gameplay, Cheating, and/or system abuse”

The article also notes that those hosting modded lobbies – some of which contain money buffs for anyone who joins the lobby – are being system banned. This means that their systems are ineligible for further usage of services like Xbox Live… at all.

Modders of a sound mind have cautioned the community; they have banded together to make it known that you must disable native trainers or cheats before participating in the GTA Online activities, lest you become a victim of the banhammer that Rockstar wields to protect the microtransaction interests that fuel GTA Online.

The newest version of the Script Hook V native trainer automatically disables itself for use in GTA V’s online mode for PC. This should help alleviate some of the pains that the PC gaming community are suffering when it comes to dealing with modding Rockstar’s highly popular game. In the meantime, enjoy a little something-something to brighten the mood on all this mod-banning nonsense.

GTA 5 PC Mods Cow On A Motorcycle Police Chase

ok this was even more fun to do music by Kevin Macleod


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4 thoughts on “GTA 5 Players Won’t Be Banned For Cosmetic Mods

  1. I’ve always thought that in these kinds of situations, games ought to have separate servers for cheaters and non-cheaters. Then they can just let the cheater servers run amok, and people probably wouldn’t get upset. People don’t like to be told that they can’t mess around with stuff they paid money for.

  2. HAHA!! man, those similes tho… like every other sentence man, nice!! Also i really hope you can just have texture mods, like i different texture for your bike, i saw this hilarious mod which doesn’t give you any advantage, but makes your bike tini, it really cool and should be ‘legal’ in online.

    1. Sadly, it ain’t “legal” online. A lot of people are getting banned even for stupid stuff.

      Like, the best thing to do is just to not use any mods when playing online, otherwise Rockstar will be all up in your business like SJWs in a celebrity’s twitter feed if they even remotely mention Caitlyn Jenner.

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