GTA 5 Mods Could Get You Perma-Banned

[Update: Rockstar has confirmed that you won’t be banned from GTA V for using mods in offline single-player modes]

[Original article:] Rockstar’s latest patch for the PC version of GTA V blocks mods. If you bypass the block and continue using native trainers and mods, you could find yourself perma-banned. Nevertheless, modders have found a workaround for Rockstar’s latest patch.

Over on Reddit a user going by the handle of aust_b posted the following image after being sent an e-mail about his GTA V exploits in the online portion of the game.

If, for any reason, you are unable to read it, the important part of the text states…

“Accounts can become flagged as a result of automated statistical analysis or manual review of evidence for violations such as modding, hacking, exploiting or abusing game mechanics, or otherwise interfering with other players’ gameplay experience.”


“[…] Repeated flags will result in longer and more strictive penalties and we may permanently restrict your ability to access GTA Online. Certain actions, such as ISO/Memory modding or selling accounts may result in an immediate permanent ban”

Quite naturally, the GTA Forums had a torrent of questions surrounding the notice about Rockstar’s warning about perma-bans. Most people were concerned with whether or not they would still be able to access the single-player portions of the game. For now, there are no definitive answers on the subject.

GTA Forum user K0ol-G-R4P partially agreed with Rockstar’s decision, writing…

“They should be perma banning all idiots that use scripts/mods online.


“I just wish they would do that without screwing modding up for all of us who could careless about GTA Online. Modding isn’t the problem here, stupid kids who want to ruin it for everybody are. Put the server side checks in place without warning and perma ban.”

Even still, the latest patch does block mods, trainers and native trainers. However, VG 24/7 spotted a new video from popular YouTuber taltigolt, someone who regularly posts up mods for GTA games, where he showcases how you bypass Rockstar’s latest patch. It involves downgrading your version of GTA V. Of course, you won’t be able to play the online portion of the game, but you can still mod.

If you’re unsure about the file, he posts it in the description of the YouTube video. It’s a link to a downgrade. You can find the file linked to the comment here on GTA Forums by The_Noble_One.

Some users, despite the looming threat of a permanent ban, are going on ahead and downloading the file, following the instructions in the video and giving a nice, big, juicy middle-finger to Rockstar.

Happy modding.

[Update: You no longer have to downgrade your version of GTA V to use the native trainer. The newest version of Script Hook V is available now]


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