GTA 5 Mods Could Get You Perma-Banned

[Update: Rockstar has confirmed that you won’t be banned from GTA V for using mods in offline single-player modes]

[Original article:] Rockstar’s latest patch for the PC version of GTA V blocks mods. If you bypass the block and continue using native trainers and mods, you could find yourself perma-banned. Nevertheless, modders have found a workaround for Rockstar’s latest patch.

Over on Reddit a user going by the handle of aust_b posted the following image after being sent an e-mail about his GTA V exploits in the online portion of the game.

If, for any reason, you are unable to read it, the important part of the text states…

“Accounts can become flagged as a result of automated statistical analysis or manual review of evidence for violations such as modding, hacking, exploiting or abusing game mechanics, or otherwise interfering with other players’ gameplay experience.”


“[…] Repeated flags will result in longer and more strictive penalties and we may permanently restrict your ability to access GTA Online. Certain actions, such as ISO/Memory modding or selling accounts may result in an immediate permanent ban”

Quite naturally, the GTA Forums had a torrent of questions surrounding the notice about Rockstar’s warning about perma-bans. Most people were concerned with whether or not they would still be able to access the single-player portions of the game. For now, there are no definitive answers on the subject.

GTA Forum user K0ol-G-R4P partially agreed with Rockstar’s decision, writing…

“They should be perma banning all idiots that use scripts/mods online.


“I just wish they would do that without screwing modding up for all of us who could careless about GTA Online. Modding isn’t the problem here, stupid kids who want to ruin it for everybody are. Put the server side checks in place without warning and perma ban.”

Even still, the latest patch does block mods, trainers and native trainers. However, VG 24/7 spotted a new video from popular YouTuber taltigolt, someone who regularly posts up mods for GTA games, where he showcases how you bypass Rockstar’s latest patch. It involves downgrading your version of GTA V. Of course, you won’t be able to play the online portion of the game, but you can still mod.

If you’re unsure about the file, he posts it in the description of the YouTube video. It’s a link to a downgrade. You can find the file linked to the comment here on GTA Forums by The_Noble_One.

Some users, despite the looming threat of a permanent ban, are going on ahead and downloading the file, following the instructions in the video and giving a nice, big, juicy middle-finger to Rockstar.

Happy modding.

[Update: You no longer have to downgrade your version of GTA V to use the native trainer. The newest version of Script Hook V is available now]


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20 thoughts on “GTA 5 Mods Could Get You Perma-Banned

  1. They can slow modding but they can’t stop it forever. Someone will find a workaround, then they’ll patch again and so on and so forth. I think once the modders find a way to switch modes on and off so you can mod the hell out of single player but online isn’t modded, that will sort out most of this.

  2. The banning of hackers and non-hackers caught up in this mess is gonna backfire on R*. I got banned for nothing, but am seriously considering hacking when I get back in.
    If I am gonna do the time, I may as well have done the crime. Fuck You R*

  3. Well, now I’m glad I didn’t buy it. As with its precedessors, I’m primarily interested in GTAV for the modding possibilities. Way to give me the finger, R*.

    1. Im thinking rockstar has a problem more with people cheating and using trainers…..Gta 5 is an amazing port and it isn’t fair for certain people to have an unfair advantage

      1. Then why not just checksum the game and separate anyone with a modded version? That’s exactly what they did with GTA IV and everyone was fine with that. Modders/hackers/cheaters got to play with other; vanilla players got to play with each other.

        This whole thing of forcing modders not to mod or forcing cheaters not to cheat is just stupid. The only reason anyone got the PC version of the game was better frame-rates and mods. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  4. There’s no need to downgrade your client, the new version of ScriptHook was released a few hours ago.

      1. The online bypass version of it still hasn’t appeared yet, though. Should appear in a day or two, so, cheaters would probably flood through again.

      2. The page on the forums doesn’t make mention of that, so thanks for the heads up because that’s a pretty important caveat.

  5. no doubts, we are getting closer and closer to a 90’s-like crash of the whole gaming industry.

    – the market is being flooded by millions of poor games, without any kind of quality control from sony-microsoft, and once a gamer will buy his 3rd crappy indie game, he will never buy one, again.
    – 99% of games will come from huge studios-publishers, that will release the same games over and over, each year, like cod, asss creed, etc
    – if an indie game becomes successful, the studio will be bought by a big company, and will force them to produce craapy games, full of microtransactions and other shit
    – no more new ips, no studio or publisher will risk spending 100$ on a new franchise; they will rather invest on the same crap, over and over
    -because games sell the most the first 3-4 weeks, publishers try to sell all the microtransactions, season passes, dlcs, and all other crap, during those 3-4 weeks, hoping they will make 100-150$ from each gamer, instead of only the 60 bucks gamers have always paid
    – more and more game content is being locked under dlcs and other passes: like the next batman: people who preorder it or buy like a 35$ dlc, will get new enemies, new levels, and other extra items. all that should BE part of the main game, but at this pace, in 2015, gamers will have to buy dls and passes to get 20% of the game content. and in 2016, maybe we will buy a game, and we will need to spend another 40 bucks, to get the 30 or 40% of the content that wasn’t put in the main game. mind boggling, really!

    – at this pace, gamers will have very few choices: buying the same yearly franchises, spending tons of cash on the few games they play, just to buy that multiplayer map, or that cool weapons pack, etc etc, and in 3 months, he will have spent like 200-300 bucks on his game.
    – nobody will buy the 20’000 indie games available on the psn or live, most indie studios will close the doors, only a small % will have a little success, and will be able to survive, until a big company buys them, and destroy all their creativity, ideas, etc.
    -the microtransactions, dlcs and season passes will reach such a incredible level, with the big studios rushing and doing all they can to make the quickest cash as possible, that people will say stop, and won’t buy those sequels anymore.

    etc etc etc.

    it’s all about cash, cash, cash.
    i remember reading the pc guys “ohhh, on pcs, we have modding, bla bla, you don’t have that on your weak consoles, etc”.
    now, a big guy like rockstar starts banning mods. i guess it is the end.
    why the ph uck, can’t we, offline gta5 gamers, have access to the heists, new weapons and cars, etc, from the online ?
    again, cash, cash, cash. the ultimate goal of all companies: bringing gamers to the online, where the microtransactions, dlcs, passes, etc, are, and bring shitloads of cash to studios.

    even games like god of war 3, or uncharted, started having their online thing as well. all is made to make the gamer spend another 50 or 100 bucks, after buying the full game. it’s awful.

    let me guess: uncharted 3, even for checking the local multiplayer options, we needed to used the online pass. i guess uncharted 4, they will do all they can, to turn uncharted 4 single player campaing into something that will require buying items, passes, etc, just to progress on the main campaign. damn.

    i have a feeeling something will happen, by 2016. this can’t go on like this.
    the gaming industry has become ridiculous. no sense.
    i hope there will be a big crash, again. seriously. this needs to stop.

    and maybe we will return to the old good times, where studios would put tons of content in the disc, to make people buy the game. maybe we will have to type some cheat codes, to unlock some items or cool free stuff.

    but i blame the press, for this situation.
    – press shouldn’t be afraid of their reviews embargos, and should tell the truth to gamers, a few weeks before release. to avoid things like ubisoft games.
    -press should automatically downrate a game, and take away 2 or 3 points, if a game is full of microtransactions, hidden locked content, full of season passes, etc, and they should rather give a higher score to a studio and game that respects the gamer, and works hard to deliver a great game, with tons of content, with no bugs.
    – press shouldn’t give 9.5/10 to games that need a day-one 10Gb patch to work, only because the game went gold only 80% finished, and that day-one patch makes the game playable, with all the content.
    -press shouldn’t gice 9.5/10 scores to studios-games that are rushed and released with 10000 bugs, just to respect their deadlines and sell their 10 million copies and make a little 1 billion$ cash. no. a game released with 10000 bugs should start by a 6.5/10 score.

    of course, as long as press keeps on praising these studios, their rushed-flawed-bugged-short-repetitive-yearly copy-pasted games, of course, studios and publishers will keep on releasing repetitive craap, over and over, every single year.

    i know there will be a crash, i just hope it won’t take too many years.

    1. Unfortunately the industry is now too massive for a crash like the first one, exacerbating the situation is the passiveness of people that not only they don’t have a problem in being exploited by the greed that now runs rampant, they seem to defend and some times even enjoy it.

      So unless there is a big group of gamers that are mature enough to start pushing legislation against the usury-like practices in the videogames industry, no, there won’t be a crash, at least not a big one.

      What I do think is that it is going to stagnate, in fact we are witnessing that nowadays with the lack of creativity and the general laziness we see with every new release, that’s going to keep spreading until growth comes to a halt and hopefully by then enough gamers will have become responsible enough to be able to exercise change, otherwise, just like Hollywood, that’s all there is to it.

      1. Yeah sadly I have to agree. For every person who is willing to stand up and do something about the problems there are 10 you will just fork over the cash without complaint. It happens in anything that gets as big as gaming as gotten. The days when it was a little hobby are just over.

        Even worse the casual market is growing so fast that more and more resources are shifting towards it. Someday not too soon all that will really be left will be the big franchises like COD. So it is play those or find something else to do with your time.

      2. if it “only” stagnates, that could be worse than a small crash:
        only a few huge studios and companies will survive, nobody will take risks and will release the same games and sequels, over and over, and they will do anything they can to sell the game and make some extra 50, 100, or 200$ on items, microtransactions, dlcs and all kinds of passes… hoping they will make another little billion, that could be the last one…

        this is like wars: one can’t avoid them, every x years. we get to a point where only a big change can shake all the actors, and make them react and think again.
        as it is now, i hate the gaming industry and how greedy they became.
        when i play uncharted 1, and then, i play uncharted 3, and see how naughty dog has locked all the multiplayer, even local, everything, with the online pass: i simply wanted to check which options we have on multiplayer, if we have co-op, if we can play locally or split screen, etc, EVEN to just look at the menus, you can’t. you can’t. you have to enter the online pass, only then, you can go to “multiplayer”. or the uncharted 3 trophies that force you to go online and join-create-win a game.
        damn, if a guy plays the full single player campaign, he should be able to unlock all trophies. it was like that, before !! but no, they want us to go online, to buy stuff. incredible. and all companies are doing this, worse and worse. like god of war ascension and its multiplayer.

        soon, we will buy an offline game, and there will be a trophy where you need to use your network pass, just to display the scoreboard! crazy, really.

        ps. thanks for your answer. it’s a pleasure to have someone “correct” posting a comment, unlike 99.9% of the trolls, elitists , fanboys and idiots.

  6. Am I reading this right? The latest patch blocks all mods both online and off?

    In an online environment of course you want a level playing field but that has nothing to do with single player. I want to cheat my ass off in a solo game it hurts nobody.

    Reading the comments I see that in the past they simply divided the online community into modding and non-modding groups. That seems like the perfect solution to me. Wonder why they dropped it?

    1. They don’t want you modding the game so you can sleep with sheep, I doubt they care that you give yourself more money which is essentially in the cheat selections

  7. Who cares? The mod is literally a couple files you paste into the root folder. Block the game with your firewall play with mods and then if you want to go online move the 3 files out and unblock.

    1. When talking about online then yeah, but offline (which is what I’m interested in) should be allowed.

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