#GamerGate Hearing Scheduled With Dutch Media Ethics Council

Following the misinformation and defamation spread through a hit-piece on national Dutch television against #GamerGate, various individuals fighting for ethical reform in media institutions took the fight to the “Raad voor de Journalistiek”, or the Dutch Press Council. It’s a board made up of members of the media for the media. The council is headed up by renown Dutch judge Egbert Myer, and said council has decided to take the #GamerGate case seriously.

I was sent various e-mail copies of the letter from the Dutch council and a brief post was made over on the Kotaku in Action sub-Reddit where it was noted that on June 26th, 2015, in Amsterdam there will be a hearing about #GamerGate and its portrayal in a piece on Dutch broadcasting news program EénVandaag, from news outlet AVROTROS, which occurred back on October 24th, 2014. The title of the piece? “Gamergate: Female gamers threatened”. You can check out the video of the feature below.

Gamergate: Female gamers threatened

They get death threats, they are being stalked and sometimes they even have to leave their homes because of the threats. Women in the gaming industry have to deal with heavy intimidations. The reason is the current discussion about the role women play in games.

The description on YouTube reads….

“They get death threats, they are being stalked and sometimes they even have to leave their homes because of the threats. Women in the gaming industry have to deal with heavy intimidations. The reason is the current discussion about the role women play in games.”

A recent data report from WAM! has shown that the people who have been labeled as harassers on a GG Autoblocker are not part of a harassment campaign. In fact, according to the data, less than 0.66% of those associated with the GG Autoblocker had any ties to reports of alleged harassment.

Gamers are using the facts to fight back against a corrupt media narrative, and this includes going to whoever they can to get changes enacted against outlets spreading misinformation and defamation. One of those outlets for fighting back against the narrative is the Dutch Council for Journalism. As noted in the Reddit thread by user Generaallucas…

“If someone has a problem with a media outlet and what they said about the person or company/group the person belongs to, they can file a complaint to the Dutch Journalistic Ethics Council about this if the media outlet didn’t handle it the way the complainer wanted to or if the complainer was ignored within a time span of three months after one tried to contact the media outlet. (in this all GG’ers were ignored by AVROTROS). One can represent themselves, a company or a group. I represent GamerGate in this with the permission from William Usher and Milo Yiannopoulos”

According to a translation of the letter from a secretary for the Dutch Council to Generaallucas, it states…

“At a hearing both parties will get the possibility to state their standpoints (Maximum of 10 minutes), with possible further questioning from the Council. A short oral presentation only serves to add to what has been presented in the papers submitted. You will hear as quickly as possible at which specific time the case will be handled.”

The verdict of the hearing will be made public on the official website of the Council for Journalism located at rvdj.nl.

The letter also notes…

“Further I want to point you at the fact that the Council does not lay down sanctions on media outlets, such as compensation or rectification. If the Council comes to the conclusion that the media outlet has been (partially) negligent in their journalism, the media outlet in question will be advised to publish the verdict completely or in a recap.“

This doesn’t guarantee anything other than that the council will at least hear the case involving a media outlet running with a narrative without doing their due diligence. As we’ve seen in the case of the CBC, they have repeatedly avoided taking responsibility for their actions by stating that no ethical standards were breached in their multiple reports of #GamerGate across the CBC network. On the upside, the CRTC is at least investigating the CBC after the Lunar Archivist contacted them multiple times and included two lengthy posts on Tumblr detailing how the CBC’s platform was used to push manufactured propaganda.

While some media outlets would lead people to believe that #GamerGate is solely about harassment, keep in mind that the whole consumer revolt has succeeded in getting ethics policies at various outlets reformed, updated or made public at the behest of gamers concerned with the quality of reporting on a hobby they love and an industry that they’ll fight for until their last dying breath.

And just in case you were wondering… yes, it’s happening.


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22 thoughts on “#GamerGate Hearing Scheduled With Dutch Media Ethics Council

  1. Hadn’t heard about this at all. Glad to see people out there standing up for the rest of us. Cannot wait to hear the verdict :).

  2. It seems as if the SJWs are moving on from gaming.

    All of their false narratives have been debunked and typical SJWs will run away from cold-hard facts faster than an Xbot at a DigitalFoundry cross-platform performance test.

    GamerGate was a massive success by all metrics. The mudslinging didn’t work, and now gaming media is FORCED to deal with journalism ethics in a transparent manner.. Or face the yellow journalism stigma that will now haunt Kotaku and Polygon forever.

      1. Which is why the fight will never be really over, they are just regrouping and regaining strength right now.

        Unless other sectors of society join and somehow we take the fight up SJW Fascism’s other fronts, the only thing we can do is eternal vigilance.

      2. The problem is most people will ignore anything that does not affect them individually and directly. By the time they themselves are affected, it’s always too late.

        Anyway, the fight will never be over because SJWs have a funded agenda to cause arguments and sow distrust/discord. Gaming is only one of those battlegrounds. Follow the money, and you’ll see how deep it goes. Or maybe it’s better to not know, because it’s pretty depressing stuff and very difficult to avoid.

    1. I think, I hope you’re right. Let’s see how much the next Femfreq video gets shared on gaming sites. If it’s none, we’ve won. If its business as usual, the narrative is still too strong in light of some of the shit they’ve been saying recently.

  3. I actually live in the Netherlands (I’m Dutch-Chinese btw), maybe there is something I can do to help.

    Twitter: God of Reason, @Prototype_No_07.

    1. Don’t worry, mate, I’ll be fine. A lot of pro-GG gamedev students are helping me out as well as some guys over at KnowYourMeme.

      Just it back and relax. If you want to attend the hearing, just send a message to the secretary that you want to be there.

      1. Aight.

        I’m so excited about this. Given that we have logic and most importantly, truth on our side, I HONESTLY can’t wait for some happenings.

    2. I am one of the 50 Dutch gamergaters and want to thank you for what you are doing
      Maybe some day we could have a meetup in Holland?

  4. It’s so amazing to see gamers being this proactive as consumers! If only all industries were like that. I hope we end up being trendsetters.

  5. Is this going to be another one of those cases where the Press council audited the Press and found that the Press did nothing wrong?

  6. Holland, Yes!

    Facts are how the narrative will be torn down and as the false narrative disappears, then finally people can make well informed decisions. This is good. All the best to Generaallucas in his court hearing.

    Sterkte maat!

  7. I read only the first few paragraphs and already see the utter lies and bullshit perpetrated by that disgusting Dutch “news” program. It’s that difficult for people to do basic research nowadays. That’d take actual time and effort. It’s easier to just make up nonsense, and nothing is stopping them from doing so.

  8. “[…] had any ties to reports of alleged harassment.”

    If one knows what WAM! did for Twitter this statement makes sense in the right way, but I think it would be good to clarify it were only _those_ reports for people who aren’t aware of the program(?). While I suspect the figure wouldn’t change much (especially after filtering out false reports), it’s impossible to reasonably extrapolate from WAM! to all of Twitter.

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