Caffeine’s New Trailer Is Brilliantly Haunting

A hint of Alien: Isolation and a bit of Routine fused with Paul W.S. Anderon’s Event Horizon and you get Caffeine, an atmospheric horror game set within a terrifying space station. The latest trailer for the game gives gamers a bit more of a look at one of the mining ships on a quest to gather minerals to produce the artificial caffeine to satiate the population’s desire for the substance.

Press A2 Join spotted the latest trailer for the game from Dylan Browne, who is heading up development of the crowd-funded, first-person horror game. You can check it out below.

Caffeine Trailer – Necessity

Featuring SFX by Jonathan Wachoru Find out more about Caffeine at Support the development of Caffeine at

While the jump scares are minimal and the action kept to nothing more than wandering around in a seemingly abandoned station, a few things really stood out as quite noteworthy. The lighting in the game is phenomenal. The game isn’t just another sterile lab horror experience or a gun-metal themed facility. No, instead Caffeine has a very unique look with a lot of orange hues accentuated throughout the environment.

That one scene around the 1:25 mark really did remind me of Event Horizon. It had the same sort of foreboding look and feel to it, almost as if something would just jump up and rip your skin from your bones and leave you strapped to a particle wormhole disruptor while spikes are jammed through your mouth. Yeah, space can be real deadly.

Moreover, for those of you still confused about the story behind Caffeine, Browne explains it as such…

“Set in the near future, the entire population of Earth is vigorously addicted to coffee. Once Earth’s caffeine reserves are depleted, the largest of the corporations build massive lumbering space ships with the sole purpose of seeking out the minerals needed to synthesize artificial caffeine.”

The game’s appeal is obviously in its atmospheric exploration. There’s no telling if there’s going to be more to the game than what some might consider to be a walking simulator, but the right amount of interactivity could give the game a nice bit of an alternative feel to the standard walking sims out there. For instance, I think Alien: Isolation did a fine job of giving gamers just enough interactivity to separate it from the Dear Esthers and Slenders out there.

You can keep track of the game or donate to the cause by paying a visit to the official IndieGoGo page. Caffeine is due for release on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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