Steam Discounts Nearly 150 Games At Up To 95% Off

For the entire week, going all the way up until April 11th, Valve is discounting nearly 150 games in their database with deals ranging up to 95% off. This is pretty cool for anyone looking to pay cents on a dollar for some worthwhile and highly rated games.

So what sort of games are available during the discount? Well, there are games like Lili: Child of Geos – Complete Edition available at 80% off the original suggested distribution price, meaning that you can get the game for only $3.99 as opposed to the $19.99 price tag it originally carried.

I finally grabbed the Flatout Complete Pack, something I had been juggling around in my head every time it went on sale before. Instead of having to churn out $39.99 for the complete pack I picked it up for $7.99. Now for the long wait to find some free time to actually play each game in the series.

Other fan-favorite gems like DLC Quest is 70% off the original asking price, available for only $0.89. Crazy cheap, right?

The Xbox and PC release of Advent Rising is also on the list – I forgot about that game, but it really was unique for its time. Tons of bugs and glitches ruined what otherwise could have been a solid sleeper hit. Nearly a decade later and after the release of a couple of community mods and the PC version of Advent Rising is now hailed as a must-own title. The game was a little too rough around the edges for my tastes on the OG Xbox, but if you’re willing to give it a try on the PC you can do so for $1.99. Yep, it’s 80% off right now.

Ninja Blade, Onikira and Sword of the Samurai are also discounted, if you’re looking for something with a bit of Eastern flair. Classics like Redline, Nam and Deja Vu II are also discounted, along with recently released games like Stardust Vanguards; the last of which is worth checking out if you’re looking for a good local multiplayer game.

You can check out the “Weeklong Deals” page over on Steam to see what’s worth grabbing to play in your off time and what’s worth adding to your library to sit and collect digital dust. There’s pretty much something in there for everyone, especially gamers with an appetite that needs to be whet with a taste of nostalgia.


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3 thoughts on “Steam Discounts Nearly 150 Games At Up To 95% Off

  1. Nice smile.

    Never heard of that game, so I looked it up. There’s barely any information about it. Maybe a total of 3 reviews by “mainstream” game reviewer publications in the entire galaxy. So reliable! Normally they’d be all over it, ranting about how it features a “STRONG” female protagonist. Once again highlights how only certain games on their radar are deemed “progressive” enough to notify the masses (hint: games that their friends were involved with).

    1. Yup. I was shocked we also haven’t seen or heard more about Legend of Iya in mainstream gaming press.

      All the talk about progressive topics and most of these games featuring female characters are completely ignored. From Lilly Looking through to Lili: Child of Geos to Jenny LeClue, most of these games are completely underrepresented in media.

      1. I’m sure it’s intentional, otherwise people would realize that *GASP* female heroines are far from new in human media.

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