Payday 2 DLC Will Head To An Alesso Concert

Overkill Software promised two more years of DLC for Payday 2 and they’re living up to their word. The newest content for the game will see the crew heading to a live Alesso concert to pull off a big heist. The game will feature an exclusive track from Alesso called “PAYDAY” and will take place during a live concert event. It’s like Made Man all over again… except, people will likely remember the Alesso stage and not say “What?”

Overkill Software and Starbreeze made the announcement that the new Alesso DLC pack will arrive this May. It’ll include an all new heist to coincide with Alesso’s “Forever” album. It’ll include four new melee weapons, four new achievements, four new masks and a new sniper rifle.

The DLC was briefly teased with a trailer below.

According to Alesso…

“I’m a huge gaming fan. Starbreeze asked me to do my own piece of the game and appear in the game itself and it was an immediate yes from me. PAYDAY was created with the animation and my live shows in mind, both of which feature in the game. a sort of animation sonic creation. It was a great experience for me and gaming is big for a lot of my fans so it was another great way to put my album into their world.”

Did I mention that those four new masks will have patterns designed by Alesso? Well, they will.

Almir Listo, the global brand director for Starbreeze AB, commented about the new DLC saying…

“Collaborating with Alesso brings our bank robbing game PAYDAY 2 to the music scene. Having Alesso on board for the heist as well as him making a PAYDAY track is awesome. His unique style of music fits PAYDAY 2 perfectly and the song turned out great. We love how the heist looks and we’re eager to hear what all the PAYDAY 2 heisters think!”

I just keep thinking about that one stage called “A Quick Buck” from Made Man on the PS2, as players had to make their way through the rafters over a concert while engaged in a fire fight. Pretty intense stuff that you can check out below courtesy of Saucisse Merguez.

Now I’m all excited to see what this new Alesso stage is going to look like in Payday 2.

You can look for the new DLC to drop on PC for the first-person shooter come May for only $6.99.

For more information on the game feel free to check out the official website.


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