Mewtwo DLC Codes Used As Bribe To Tarnish #GamerGate

Propaganda blogs like the Mary Sue and Kotaku have been reporting on the Calgary Expo and the event relating to the group called Honey Badger Brigade being booted from the expo. According to the reports, the individuals were asked to leave the Calgary Expo, which included female gamers.The group was there to spread the word about #GamerGate and the fight for ethics. The reports, however, have attempted to point out that #GamerGate is still trying to drive women out of gaming by “infiltrating”, disrupting and harassing women in the tech industry. What the reports won’t tell you is that there were people, online, actively seeking ways to get others to undermine the GamerGate hashtag as a way to incite threats of violence.

Twitter user Frank Gore Magala, publicly announced that he had the much-wanted DLC codes for Mewtwo, a new character for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U renditions of Super Smash Bros.

One gamer answered his call, attempting to barter with an account holding $4.00. However, Dan of Steel had another plan in mind. You can check out the image below or click the image to read the archived exchange from Twitter.

Twitter user Connorxcon proudly states “alright done”.

The tweet he sent out is now deleted, but the responses he received are still there, with people condemning him for using #GamerGate to send threatening messages.

Connor later explained himself… that he was only 14 and really desperate for a Mewtwo code.

However, Frank had plans to wipe his hands clean, shortly thereafter posting the following message.

It’s yet another in a long line of tactics used to get people to utilize the GamerGate hashtag for the purpose of appearing violent.

This wasn’t the first time this has happened. Another time users were caught attempting to give out free codes for people who would send threats using the GamerGate hashtag to certain online females profiting from the attention, as reported by Slate or indexed by You can see the image below where trolls were requesting people to use the GamerGate hashtag to send harassment for free Super Smash Bros codes.

These kind of tactics have been used frequently, which included a clickbait Brazilian journalist named Mateus Prado Sousa, who was using the hashtag to send death and rape threats to Anita Sarkeesian. The #GamerGate Harassment Patrol tracked down Anita Sarkeesian’s death-threat sender and attempted to get her to report him to the authorities. She would not cooperate, however.

This issue also came up again when botnets were used in a doxxing campaign as another means of subverting #GamerGate and placing blame on the consumer revolt, just the same as other trolls were found in their lair, staging an attempt to doxx someone and put the blame on #GamerGate.

Of course, propaganda blogs would never report on those issues because it requires more than just narrative spinning without facts. However, those same blogs reporting on women being driven out of expos – such as the ones that are a part of the pro-#GamerGate Honey Badger Radio group – seemed to be a much juicier story to tell, even though all it does is showcase that people are willing to stamp out diversity and drive away female gamers in an attempt to slander #GamerGate. Who are the misogynists again?


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24 thoughts on “Mewtwo DLC Codes Used As Bribe To Tarnish #GamerGate

  1. Yeah, sounds like the usual. Have moral values, get slandered and abused.

    It’s a good example of how corrupt people with dirty money use that money to silence anyone trying to expose their corruption.

  2. Kotaku’s article on the Calgary banning reads like something Orwell imagined.

    “Yes, we can confirm that we asked the honey badgers to leave the expo. The expo is a welcoming place for everyone.”

    “asked to leave”
    “welcoming to everyone”


  3. >entertaining ayyteam’s shitposting bullshit
    great,probably overshot what they wanted as a reaction by a few degrees

  4. “botnets where used in a doxxing campaign”
    As your unofficial unqualified editor i do believe you wanted “were used”.

    1. Nice, thanks for catching that. I rewrote that sentence a few times over because I was trying to succinctly sum up the botnet thing and it got stuck between “where they were used” and “botnets were used” and it turned into a mutated sentence the likes of which rivaled Jeff Goldblum at the end of the Fly.

      1. Happens to me all the time. Thanks 😀
        When it gets really bad for me is when i’m thinking of two completely different sentence and i start alternating which sentence i’m writing every other word. I’ve learned to read what i post because of that fact.

  5. No need to get outraged at trolling, especially of this level. This is some low level bait. Falling for it only embolders the trolls. Best to quietly sweep it to the side.

    1. I think it helps neutrals identify what’s going on. If someone is told by Kotaku/Gawker that GG is a harassment campaign and then they click on the tag and see someone making a death threat they’re not going to assume it’s a kid doing it for a code.

      1. Oh, definitely, your reporting is appreciated. My comment is a cautionary tale on how to respond to obvious baits. The more publicity you give to them, the more daring trolls get. If you starve them of oxygen, they get bored and go troll other people.

        Basically, even if you get salty, don’t show it. Report and move on.

      2. I completely agree about starving them of oxygen. One for the record about people being lured into sending threats through the hashtag is something that can be pointed back to when the media attempts to use it as their own ammo.

        But yeah, giving publicity to trolls just gives them more incentive to keep trolling.

      3. too much oxygen can kill you just the same as not enough. if they get ignored, they dont get bored. they just try something else.

      4. Trolling needs reactions. It’s why people doxing lizzie stopped at that. She gave no reaction, so no satisfaction. The fruits of the labor for a troll are the visible reactions of their victims flailing around. Without that, there is no feedback, no way to gauge the damage, no way to salt the steak. They just move on to a riper field.

      5. its a case by case basis. I would agree with liz ‘s reaction in her case. Others need to be shown up for the fools they are. sometimes you can feed the troll till it bursts.

  6. Kid’s local DA feels like some publicity and he’s proper fucked. Terrorist threats and the inciting thereof are pretty popular these days.

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