Lakeview Cabin Collection Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

There’s a survival horror game that’s been making the rounds on Steam called Lakeview Cabin Collection from indie developer Roope Tamminen. It’s labeled as an episodic horror comedy. It requires a measure of survival tactics to make it through to the end, and the layered gameplay mechanics make it a very complex and interesting gameplay experience. However, it’s the kind of game that also has a lot of people stumped and sees some players seeking help on how to beat the game right proper. Luckily there is a really awesome walkthrough available to help you get through the game from start to finish.

The sultry commentary from StayCalmCursory offers perfect walkthrough advice for getting through the game. Not only that, she offers methods on how to save everybody and kill all the evil things in the area. Check it out below.

Lakeview Cabin Collection – YouTube

Lakeview Cabin Collection 100% Walkthrough Good Ending- Save the EVERYBODY; survive at the end

The beginning of the video seems completely confusing at first if you may not be familiar with the game, but it soon all starts to come together after the 10 minute mark where you begin to see the almost Rube Goldberg effect that the setup and preparatory actions incite once things get underway.

One very important thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to raise the crate while someone is standing on it. It throws them off and breaks their leg… DayZ style.

StayCalm has a very precise and articulate method for taking out each of the baddies in Lakeview Cabin Collection. One alternative to killing what she labels as the Chuck Norris killer, is shooting him into the gas can and watching him explode… just like a bad guy in a Chuck Norris movie.

The ending is completely open-ended, so if you follow what she does in the video you’re for what she deems a “Happy Ending”. If you decide to try something different, well feel free to do so and log your results… better yet, vlog your results.

Lakeview Cabin Collection is available right now over on Steam for only $9.99. It’s an emergent horror game with a lot of different possibilities afforded to the player, so replayability is a big part of the game, along with experimentation. If you stumbled across this walkthrough and you’re still confused, be sure to educate your mind about this game by paying a very kind visit to the official website.


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