GTA 5 Hacked Accounts Reveal Rockstar’s Anti-Consumer Customer Support

[Update: Rockstar is restoring GTA V accounts that have been compromised]

[Original article:] What a clusterfunk. That’s the best way to sum up the whole situation. I was leery about tackling this particular issue because the issue of hacked accounts and anti-consumer behavior from a company is difficult to prove, but gamers have been very vigilant about exposing the lack of proper customer support on Rockstar’s end when it comes to hacked accounts for the recently released PC version of GTA V.

GamersNexus has a very detailed and thorough article about the whole situation, including a video that has documented evidence of the poor practices Rockstar employs when dealing with consumer complaints and issues related to hacked or inaccessible accounts. Check it out below.

Rockstar Games Hangs Up on Its Customers – Report

UPDATE: Rockstar has provided comment on this story – A recent investigative journalism story conducted by our editors revealed that Rockstar Games support policy is to hang-up on customers seeking account recovery assistance. Learn more here: Like our content? Please consider becoming our Patron to support us: ** Please like, comment, and subscribe for more!


Over on the official Rockstar sub-Reddit there are some comments and posts about accounts being compromised. There’s a lot of the same modus operandi regarding the accounts being lifted. However, even more-so than the Diablo III hacked accounts, Rockstar has been extremely mum about the whole thing… except to wipe away any fault that their services could have been infiltrated.

Commenting to Kotaku, Rockstar’s limited press statement mentioned…

“As confirmed yesterday, the Rockstar Games Social Club has not been compromised. However, it appears that attempts have been made to access user accounts using email and password combinations from an unaffiliated, compromised website or database elsewhere on the internet. For the accounts affected, we are in the process of reverting those accounts back to their original owners. As a reminder, it is a good policy to ensure that the Rockstar Games Social Club account username and password is not shared across multiple websites on the internet.”

It’s like 2012 all over again. Except, so far the reports about hacked accounts hasn’t been as prevalent with GTA V as it was with Diablo III. The biggest difference was that there was real money to be gained in the latter’s case due to the Real-Money Auction House. That was a can of worms I’m glad that Blizzard finally closed.

In the case of GTA V, though, we’re still seeing a lot of dismissals and equivocations from Rockstar to dodge responsibility for the matter. There’s no easy solution for gamers who have had their accounts compromised, especially when calling customer support. As mentioned in the GamersNexus article…

“Rockstar’s customer service policy is to disconnect calls in any form that we explored, and as we eventually found out, it appears that this phone service exists purely as an “escalator:” Calls get pushed to email-only departments via “escalation,” then presumably resolved off the phone. Any request to speak with a supervisor is met with quick, unstoppable disconnects.”

The one thing that Rockstar seriously should have had prepped and ready are alternative ways to address possible refunds or account relocation services. The fact that they have nothing in place to deactivate an account and re-activate it for another address through the customer service support speaks volumes about how far behind consumer related services are to the methods that publishers are abusing to make money on digital content tied to online accounts.

GamersNexus has suggested that gamers contact Rockstar via Twitter and through their online support account for further help with compromised accounts. Alternatively you can try your hand with the customer support via telephone with the following toll-free number: 1.866.922.8694]

Keep in mind that consumers paid $60 to play GTA V. The only thing a paying customer expects is for their game to work. If Rockstar is looking to dodge responsibility in anyway on this issue then there’s definitely going to be rage to pay.


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6 thoughts on “GTA 5 Hacked Accounts Reveal Rockstar’s Anti-Consumer Customer Support

  1. Disconnectstar.

    I get the impression that Rockstar doesn’t have much experience dealing with MMO-ish setups. GTA Online’s launch was a huge mess, if I recall correctly. They probably haven’t even considered that GTA Online needs MMO-ish customer support.

  2. This is the problem with the always online/requiring online accounts bullshit that companies either need to get away from or step up their customer service big time. People pay money for a product, even if it is called a service it is still a product, and they expect it to work. This online crap for even single player games interferes with the product/service the customer paid for far too often.

    Now, given that paying for decent customer service and authentication servers cannot be cheap, and given that gamers are already balking at the price of games as they are, the smart move would be for these companies to quit dicking their customers around and offer a simple offline, hassle free experience whenever possible.

    1. Yep, this whole thing of forcing people to login, register, stay online to play games they paid for is getting old real quick. Also, if they’re going to go that route they should at least allow people to transfer account data through customer service; that’s what customer service is for!

  3. WOW, I’ve seen some bad customer support but that is some next-level shit.

    It’s “policy” to hang up on customers..? …..No words.

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