GoodGamers.Us Shuts Down

Sometimes having the best intentions don’t always lead toward success. In the case of GoodGamers.Us their goal of bringing a new kind of journalism back to the broken orbit of video game journalism didn’t quite pan out the way they wanted and the site is now shutting down.

GamePolitics has a slightly detailed rundown of the events leading up to the shutdown of the site – a site that opened back in September during the tumult brought about by the explosion of #GamerGate.

With all the news spreading about corruption in games journalism some entrepreneurial gamers decided to open their own site. However, things didn’t quite turn out as they had planned when the original editor-in-chief, Stephanie Dorman, left the site behind and some behind-the-scenes issues cropped up, causing a bit of a fallout concerning the direction of the content.

As mentioned in a post from October, 2014 by Kenton Fogarty…

“ was created out of the huge backlash surrounding the gaming media; it was supposed to be an alternative from most mass media, free from click bait, free from inflammatory material and free from political ideologies creeping their way into coverage. It was envisioned as a place for gamers, by gamers. Personally, that was the beauty of it, and part of the reason why I first applied to work on the site.”

When the original founder left and content wasn’t being released as frequently as visitors wanted, the site hit a lull and was unable to maintain pace in the face of stiff competition from other budding gaming websites.

On April 7th, 2015, the GoodGamers.Us Twitter account posted the following messages…

“We at goodgamers regret to inform you that we have, in fact, closed our doors. At this time, there wont be anything else from us.” … “some of our former staff, like @Gnarsies are doing they’re own thing and we will eventually advertise them here.”

Other sites that have been growing over the past eight months are still building up their reputation, including sites like GamesNosh, Niche Gamer and, amongst others such as LewdGamer and APGNation.

GamePolitics questions if perhaps not enough people were visiting GoodGamers.Us or supporting the site and its content; but Fogarty sort of explains what the problem was, writing…

“We can understand some disappointment in our readership for the absence of both content and contact, but we hope to show you the fruits of our labor in the coming weeks while we finalize everything. Within the week we’ll be publishing our ethical guidelines and we want feedback from you guys! We want feedback because ultimately we serve you, the reader, not some billion dollar games publisher.”

We’ll see if things work out for those who want to keep chomping at the games journalism bit and hopefully they’ll find something that suits their tastes and skills. It’s a shame GoodGamers.Us didn’t work out but we’re all still rooting for sites like BasedGamer.


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9 thoughts on “GoodGamers.Us Shuts Down

  1. A shame, GoodGamers.Us seems nice but it was unfortunate that they didn’t cover enough news.

    Ah well; I’ll continue to follow Gamer Headlines (my favorite), TechRaptor (my favorite), IncGamers, Dark Side Of Gaming, Escapist, Cinema Blend and GamesNosh.

    Might consider adding your website and APGNation to my list.

  2. NicheGamer, TechRaptor, this site and Escapist have risen up in the place of the old vanguard for me, with occasional sitings of APGNation (though one of their writers raises my hackles in a bad way). LewdGamer looks interesting too, particularly with them hosting CHOBITCOIN’s writing.

    It’s a shame. I was on board with, but the content just wasn’t there. I had even white-listed them on AdBlock. Ah well, can’t win ’em all.

  3. I get all my gaming news from Escapist, Techraptor, Niche Gamer, Christ centered gamer (I’m an atheist, don’t care, they’re good), and LewdGamer. Well, and you, really.

    1. Ah nice. Are you still planning on sticking around the gaming journo scene and is there any hope GoodGamers could return in the future or is it shelved for now?

      1. I, personally, would like to establish myself as a critic in the gaming scene through my YouTube account. Regardless, I probably won’t be the only face from Goodgamers who is sticking around.

        There’s always a possibility of Goodgamers coming back. I don’t even like to consider us as “gone.” The site wasn’t profitable enough to be considered even a part time job for anyone there and so it really ate into our time. Although, I would like to eventually revisit it when circumstances are different because all of it was very fun experience.

      2. I should add: i will never consider Goodgamers a failure. I am and always will be proud of it.

      3. That’s good. I think a lot of gamers liked that it was coming up during a time when other sites seemed to be abandoning them as an audience.

        Keep us tuned in to your YouTube stuff, I always like checking out upcoming and coming content creators.

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