Gaming Industry To Hit $91.5 Billion For 2015, According To Report

A new market research projection report from Newzoo Games Market Research has indicated that the gaming industry will hit a cumulative $91.5 billion in revenue across the global interactive entertainment markets.

Games Industry posted up the report that breaks down where Newzoo sees the gaming industry over the course of the next year. For 2015 Newzoo is projecting the industry to bring in $91.5 billion and that by 2017 the industry will have an annual revenue margin of $107 billion.

The projected stats from Newzoo look impressive, with an infographic breaking down how much will come from each of the four major gaming territories across the globe. Check it out below.

Newzoo 2015 Report

As you can see, China and the rest of the Southeast Asian territories nearly have a billion gamers all their own. For 2015 the region is expected to outpace America with $22.2 billion in revenue, compared to the $22 billion that the USA is expected to bring in. As pointed out by, there’s a 3% increase in the USA compared to the 23% increase in China. This kind of fits in line with previous reports over the course of the years, indicating that each year China will see significant year-over-year increases, and they have.

However, North America has a smaller pool of consumers compared to China but they spend more. So it all works out in the end.

The EMEA territories are also steadily growing, with a projected 5% increase over 2014’s total revenue, estimated to hit $20.5 billion with more than 600 million gamers. North Africa has been an especially ripe country for growth, with various start-up and established publishers looking to tap the growing market of Africa’s gaming scene. We’re also seeing some quality titles come out of the region like Aurion, which shows major promise for the region. Of course, there’s still the issue of censorship and content approval that still holds back some games from really gaining a foothold in the EMEA territories, but it looks like developers and gamers are working on establishing growth despite some of the roadblocks that stand in their way.

More of the stats showcase other areas of growth in the gaming industry, with mobile and PC gaming expected to see some major upticks this year. Check out the infographic below.

Newzoo 2015 Report

It’s interesting that they project the dedicated handheld devices to see a 16% drop-off in revenue this year while tablet gaming is projected to see a 27% increase in revenue. I’ll simply say this: the software will justify the revenue.

If tablet gaming is still viewed by most dedicated gamers with mobilephobia then it’s tough to see the software market on tablets really growing and saturating. Of course, this would require good games to be made. There are some developers like Clever Plays with Leap of Fate hoping to change around the stigma hovering over mobile and tablet gaming, so we’ll see if that sticks throughout 2015.

It’s also interesting to see that casual gaming will only increase by 2.2% while PC and MMOs are looking at an 8% increase. Maybe Zynga should go back to the drawing board now that Don Mattrick is gone and figure out how to milk more clicks from the casual gaming audience, eh?

The largest growth expected is from mobile phones and smart watches, with a projected 21% increase on the table. I do wonder how well these stats will stabilize when you look at sales data for mobile apps and realize that only a small percentage of 0.2% of whales are what’s driving 64% of the revenue in the mobile space, as reported by Touch Arcade. Whether or not the projected data from Newzoo holds firm depends on what we see released throughout the year on the software side, but one thing is for sure: gamers aren’t dead.

You can learn more about the market research data by paying a visit to the official Newzoo website.


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