Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Trailer Is Heavy On The Cyber Noir

Cyberpunk is a very underrepresented genre in the larger sphere of media entertainment. We don’t often get cyberpunk films despite its popularity and we don’t often get big-budget cyberpunk games – once again, despite the popularity – but Eidos Montreal really helped put the spotlight back on the genre with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and now they’re doing the same thing with the new Deus Ex: Mankind Divided trailer.

The CG trailer clocks in at three and a half minutes and gives a slight look at what gamers can expect from the upcoming espionage thriller. The tone, atmosphere and aesthetic still maintain that golden-titanium look, but instead of being full cyberpunk the game appears to lean more on the side of cyber-noir, very much like the first game.

Things pick up after the events of Human Revolution and there’s some serious tension between humans and transhumans. Jensen seems to be caught in the middle, just like before, and the trailer hints at various groups attempting to mount an uprising in the face of judicial oppression. Check out the trailer below.

Unfortunately this doesn’t really give us any clue at all what the gameplay will be like, other than what we saw from the recently leaked screenshots.

The game is still in first-person, presumably with the third-person melee takedowns and wall-hugging. With the screenshots, we got a glimpse at the weapon customization and a little bit of the game’s environments.

Unfortunately we’ll still have to wait to see some real gameplay footage. The trailer reminded me a little bit of the other Human Revolution CG trailer that Square Enix put together, but it’s not quite philosophical or dramatic. The music is still pretty cool, though.

We also get hints about some of Jensen’s new abilities, such as his area-of-effect EMP charge, his projectile blades and his electric stun fingers. I hope these are all well balanced so Jensen isn’t too overpowered, but gainfully badass depending on how players utilize his abilities and skills.

We’ll obviously find out more when the Game informer 12-page exclusive rolls out. For more information on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, feel free to pay a visit to the official website.


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2 thoughts on “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Trailer Is Heavy On The Cyber Noir

  1. I love this series and I love DXHR even though it isn’t as good as DX 1. I trust Eidos Montreal to make a compelling set of characters and at least a passable storyline. My only disappointment thus far is that the apparent villain (who comes across more as a righteous anti-hero in this trailer) is yet another oversized muscle bound military cat.

    What I’d really like to see is the beginnings of the Omar and delving a little deeper into the lore.

    I’d prefer DX not devolve into the cyberpunk version of Call of Duty.

  2. I hope they get to make a proper ending to this one, Human Revolutions was so good until the whole cyberpunk conspiracy theme flew out the window and everything devolved into “suddenly zombies!”

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