Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Screenshots Leaked

Following up on the announcement that Game Informer has a special 12-page layout for Deus Ex: mankind Divided, some new screenshots have been leaked for the gameplay and some of the environmental settings for the upcoming espionage-stealth game.

Twinfinite tossed up some of the new images for the game, featuring a conceptual look at how the weapon customization will look, as well as some of the cyberpunk-inspired environments that players will experience in the upcoming title. You can check out the screenshots below.

Content from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


There are some genuinely interesting things going on in those shots. We see that with the weapons you can add silencers, laser sights, ammo types and firing patterns right from the in-game HUD. It’s a little bit like that now in FPS games, allowing players to just add and remove items from a gun on the fly. That shot with the Sarif assault rifle reminds me a lot of the customization from Crysis 3.

The other shot showing Jensen about to reload the Zenith semi-automatic pistol also looks fairly interesting. There’s a lot going on in that shot, as a police droid seems to be scouring the area while some armored officers are attempting to control the situation.

Based on the visual density and quality of the images I would hazard a guess that they’re gameplay prototype images. It’s unlikely the game will look that good on the PS4 and Xbox One, especially after a regular occurrence of history has told us to lower our expectations when it comes to certain graphics levels for some games on the eighth-gen consoles.

The sequel will star Adam Jensen once again, following the events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I imagine this game may be a lead-in to the original Deus Ex story that starred JC Denton. The original was a really hard-edged cyberpunk adventure, so I do wonder if Mankind Divded will take on a more, cyber-trash dystopian look of the original game or if it’s going to maintain the kind of cyber-noir look of Human Revolution?

The images seem to indicate that it’s going to lean more toward the piss-flavored hue of Human Revolution, which is still a visually standout game even to this day.

We’ll learn more about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided in the next issue of Game Informer.


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