CD Projekt Red Community Manager Apologizes For #GamerGate KKK Comment

The community manager for CD Projekt Red, the developers behind the upcoming The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, recently made comments comparing #GamerGate to the KKK, the Ku Klux Klan. After a firestorm of anger from all the diverse and unique people utilizing the hashtag made the community manager, Chris Priestly, aware of his mistake, Priestly offered a public apology.

A collection of Chris Priestly’s apology in the form of tweets can be viewed on Imgur. Over on Kotaku in Action, someone received a canned PR response from CD Projekt Red who included Priestly’s apology in the e-mail, where he stated…

“Yesterday I tweeted a comment that compared GamerGate with the KKK. This was an insulting and asinine comment that I should not have made. I apologize to everyone whom I offended by saying this. This comment was made by me on my personal twitter account and in no way represents the beliefs or values of CD PROJEKT RED, their staff or their games. I take full responsibility for the statement and I hope that people reading this understand it was a lapse in judgement by me personally and is not supported or condoned by the CD PROJEKT RED studio.”

Priestly is about six months too late to be throwing around the KKK comparisons. Back when Dell employees, movie directors like Joss Whedon, critics like Bob “MovieBob” Chipman, and bloggers like Devin Faraci from Badass Digest were regularly throwing out tweets about #GamerGate being worse than ISIS and the equivalent of the KKK, Priestly may have been able to escape with that kind of language.

However… times have changed.

#GamerGate has been responsible for e-mail campaigns to the FTC to help get things rolling when it comes to disclosure on native advertising and paid endorsements, something that affected both Gawker and Vox.

#GamerGate has also done such a piss-poor job of harassing women out of the games industry they’re still at zero on the scoreboard for driving women out of the industry. However, #GamerGate and the denizens of #NotYourShield, the Angry Joe Show forums, The Escapist, Kotaku in Action, MMO-Champion forums, the information backbone at and the self-proclaimed autistic diggers at 8chan have all helped make sweeping changes in the gaming industry… because despite whatever you’ve been led to believe, it’s actually about ethics.

CD Projekt Red getting on Priestly to walk back his comments on #GamerGate is a great sign. It shows that some AAA developers aren’t entirely keen on employees trashing a bunch of hardcore gamers… especially since these are the same gamers who are likely to buy The Witcher 3 this May.


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14 thoughts on “CD Projekt Red Community Manager Apologizes For #GamerGate KKK Comment

    1. You cancelled your order because of what a NA community manager said? Even after CDPR slapped the shit weasel down, okay there.

      1. People just look for any reason to get offended and give themselves moral justification to pirate stuff. People have been doing it for years with EA and Ubisoft… sometimes you can see where the anger comes from….

        But pretending like THIS is the reason you are going to pirate the game and not because you are being cheap is just a copout.Only person you are fooling is yourself and you aint doing a very good in that either.

        The game is either awesome and it rewards being supported or it isnt. The dev team is either pro industry/pro gamer or its not.

      2. Usually people who go the route of “I cancelled because xyz” go the piracy route to protest. It’s not really an unsurprising response from @disqus_DJd6NASiC4:disqus

  1. I was going to cancel my order but then I saw they made him apologise, CDProjekt will continue getting my money if they keep showing respect to their consumers

    1. They are soooo getting my money.
      Witcher 1&2 were awesome, I will be able to play it on Linux and they’re pro-gamer. Not going to preorder out of principle, but it’s going to be a day one purchase, they deserve the extra 15% or something

  2. The whole morals/ethics means hate thing is such nonsensical bullshit.
    Makes me want to cry at how ludicrously ignorant and stupid people are.

    Only in modern Western society does being a nice person automatically and magically make you a hateful sexist.

  3. If he were apologizing to me in person, that wouldn’t have been enough. No, I’m not asking for any actions on his part or punishments for that matter. I would want him to tell me why it was asinine and insulting in the first place and how he came to that realization to make sure he understood what he did wrong and that he’s simply not being told to apologize by his employers.

    But whatever.

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