Afterlife Empire Has Officially Been Greenlit For Steam

#GamerGate’s efforts to bring more women into the gaming industry through crowdfunding and social media activism is really paying off. The strategy title, Afterlife Empire, from Autobotika, the female-led design studio, along with Danielle Maiorino, has successfully been greenlit to appear on the Steam store. At this juncture the team just has to iron out the gameplay and finish up all the core mechanics and aesthetics so it’s a working product and then it’ll be ready for purchase through the Steam storefront.

Over on the Steam Greenlight page, the banner indicating that Afterlife Empire has been greenlit waves bright and big over the entire page, indicating that Valve has given the game the go-ahead to appear on the Steam store… when it’s ready.

The game originally landed on Steam Greenlight back on April 7th. #GamerGate rallied around the game through social media to spread the word since the only other websites to cover the game would be pro-#GamerGate websites, and Game Politics. For those not in the know, major gaming websites have put a blackout on anything involving The Fine Young Capitalists, and since Afterlife Empire was designed with the money used from the TFYC IndieGoGo… well it means that many major gaming websites are keen to avoid the game at all costs.

Nevertheless, the game has already managed to capture a small untapped niche in the strategy, time-management genre. Gamers on the Greenlight page are generally positive about the game and have been looking forward to something that hearkens back to the days of Theme Hospital and Dungeon Keeper.

What’s more is that if there’s some element you feel is missing in Afterlife Empire, Autobotika is aiming to make the game moddable. Over on the forums someone asked if Workshop or mod support would be added to Afterlife Empire, and lead designer Danielle Maiorino commented about the feature, saying…

“The game is going to be 100% moddable! The code is open source and we encourage people to play around with everything and make some fun mods!”

Even better.

You can learn a little bit more about Afterlife Empire – and you don’t even have to worry about upvoting and favoriting it – by paying a visit to the Steam Greenlight page.


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5 thoughts on “Afterlife Empire Has Officially Been Greenlit For Steam

  1. Good. I keep seeing assholes insisting that The Fine Young Capitalists aren’t charity and exist solely to steal the spotlight from a single specific person. Hopefully this will make those assholes’ blatant lies and nonsensical stupidity more obvious.

  2. Always nice to see the groups that walk the walk make headway. Actions louder than words is how GG will continue to come out on top.

  3. Looks like many are pissed about the nod to GG.

    I guess they are truly pissed that the aGGros can’t make a game without using Twine.

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