Afterlife Empire First Gameplay Trailer Released On Steam Greenlight

Billed as a Theme Hospital meets Dungeon Keeper fusion, Afterlife Empire is a mix of the old-school concepts for today’s generation of gamer. The isometric strategy game sees players attempting to build up a haunted house and turn it into an empire by scaring guests without killing them.

The whole objective is to keep feeding off the energy of fear generated by the guests in your hotel. The more energy, the stronger you become. The more guests, the bigger your hotel. If you kill too many guests then the local authorities step in and bulldoze your house.

You can see the game in action with the first gameplay trailer below.

2.0 Opening with Gameplay – Still a Draft

See the work in progress video here and if you like it vote for it here.

Developer Danielle Maiorino commented about the new trailer on the Steam Greenlight update page, saying…

“I know everyone has been clamoring for some gameplay footage, so we’ve posted a new video with a quick gameplay trailer for you to enjoy.

“Please remember that the game is still in alpha state and things may be tweaked or changed before the game is complete. Other than that, we hope you enjoy the new video!”

There are a lot of people looking forward to the game, some detractors who called it “mobile-tier garbage” and the typical folks from the anti-#GamerGate side saying that the game doesn’t deserve to be greenlit because of its attachment to a hate group. The last claim makes no sense whatsoever given that this game was funded by the people using #GamerGate all while major gaming websites stood against the betterment of ethics in games journalism, refusing to cover the game.

Anyway, user Suldar dropped a comment explaining…

“I upvoted this game because the gameplay looks interesting. I like the humour and can’t wait to see how many ways you can scare people. I like setting up traps and stuff so this should be fun for me. “

This was followed up with a few others also giving the game their blessing, amongst the usual troll-baiting comments, of course.

Steam user Pantalaimon chimed in with some skepticism and hope, saying…

“Afterlife Empire is certainly not a novel idea, but it is one that lacks a proper execution in my opinion. I hope this game will deliver where others fell short. Thus I green light this game for steam”

There’s a lot riding on the success of Afterlife Empire, so hopefully the developers continue to weed out the negative comments and only focus on the constructive stuff, lest they get caught in the cycle of trying to appease the perpetually outraged.

If you’re liking what Afterlife Empire has going for it and you’re keen on seeing a new Theme Hospital style game with a dash of Dungeon Keeper and a whole lot of The Haunting, feel free to upvote the game and favorite it by paying a visit to the official Steam Greenlight page.


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3 thoughts on “Afterlife Empire First Gameplay Trailer Released On Steam Greenlight

  1. Looks good to me. Can’t wait to give it a try.

    EDIT: The link to the Greenlight page is broken. Currently links to the Yoda picture.

  2. Well they shouldn’t weed out the negative comments, just the ones that serve no purpose but to complain for complainings sake. I look forward to this as I was always a fan of theme hospital and hope this can hold its own.

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