ZRRO Android Console Sports 4K Resolution, Successfully Funded On Kickstarter

Another Android console is on the way and it’s called the ZRRO Box. It has a slick name, a cool design and it can run games in 4K resolution. It’s essentially the OUYA on a bit of ‘roids. The ZRRO also sports a hoverpad game controller, doing away with the traditional analogs and buttons.

Arielle Shack from ZRRO Ltd., commented about the success of the Kickstarter and the last minute stretch goal upgrade to the ZRRO’s hardware, stating…

“We’re excited to begin the production process and start getting our ZRRO console out there. A lot of console manufacturers showed interest in ZRRO and we are so excited to have their support.


“With reaching our funding target, we have added stretch goals to upgrade the shipped ZRRO boxes to the 812 SoC instead of the 802 – it’s the best in AMLogic’s Android box series.”

Android game consoles are part of the new charm in the gaming world as of late; the technology is a lot cheaper than traditional game consoles and there’s already a built-in library containing thousands and thousands of games available from the Google Play store.

The only major drawback to the Android-based consoles is that the software library is kind of limited on AAA titles. And despite core gamers complaining about DLC, disc-locked content, hackneyed plots and predictable characters, there’s still a supple desire from gamers to consume AAA content every once in a while, as evidenced with hype for games like Bloodborne, Assassin’s Creed Unity (before everyone found out it was as broke out of the box as a tap dancer with two left feet) and the upcoming Mortal Kombat X.

Unfortunately, there are only a few games I can think of in the Android space that really push the boundaries and most of those are Unity games from Madfinger Games. It’s kind of the same story with the iPhone as well, with Chair’s Infinity Blade and EA’s Real Racing series being the only games that really come to mind off the top of my head that fit the AAA bill.

In other words, I don’t think the ZRRO’s concept is bad, but it’ll need quality software to move the hardware… in the long term.

The ZRRO’s hoverpad controller is actually kind of nifty, housing single and dual-touch features, along with height-based sensors, so you don’t always have to touch the pad directly to get a response. I have no idea how well this controller will work for hardcore games or games that requite a lot of fast reflexes, but it does have a sleek design. You can check it out in action with the demo video below.

Surprisingly, the ZRRO Box is set to arrive a heck of a lot sooner than you may have been anticipating. Backers will be able to get their hands on a ZRRO Box starting September, 2015. That’s right, later this year. The box will make its way into the hands of more gamers throughout October, just in time to catch the holiday buzz.

You can learn more about the ZRRO Box by paying a visit to the official Kickstarter page. It looks like Valve’s Steam Machines just got a bit of competition in the living room console war.


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3 thoughts on “ZRRO Android Console Sports 4K Resolution, Successfully Funded On Kickstarter

  1. I’m so wary of these types of kickstarter after that bugger got kickstarted with the Oculus Rift and then sold it and became a multi millionaire. Just remember if you invest, you can’t get a penny back if the startup is sold on or goes bust.

    1. I wouldn’t’ call it “investing” because you get nothing in return of your investment other than the product itself and a some junk if your lucky.

  2. The zero pad is interesting, but ultimately pointless – the most casual, mindless mobile games are the touch-only ones, and I doubt anyone will care enough to play things like Clash of Clans at home on their TV when they could be playing a console or PC instead. The best android games usually have gamepad support, and the real gaming on the plataform lies, let’s face it, on emulation – and that begs for a controller. I really can’t see how this could entice me over sticking my Note 3 on my TV with a MHL 2.0 connector and playing emulators for a plethora of consoles with a Moga pad.

    If they released the zero pad as a stand alone bluetooth thing, then I might be interested as it may be useful for one thing or another, mainly navigation on the phone while it is hooked up to a TV (mostly useful in a hotel or something). Even then, a mouse is better.

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