Ride Free Demo Launches On Steam

If you wanted to get a taste of the Milestone S.R.L., motorcycle racing game Ride, well you can. For free. A demo for the game has gone live to give gamers a small sampling of what’s to come in the motorbike racing title that sports more than a 100 different two-wheeled beasts and more than 15 different racing locations.

DSO Gaming took notice of the news as the developers prepped to launch the demo on Valve’s digital distribution service.

Over on the news and update page for Ride there’s a quick message letting gamers know what they’ll have access to in the demo. You get the following features to test run on your rig before the game’s official release:

Quick Race game mode:

1 Country Track (Sierra Nevada)

1 Naked Heavyweight bike

1 Superbike

1 Supersport bike

They also mention that some light customization options have also been implemented, so it’s possible to get a feel for what the game’s bike management and tweaking is like.

You can check out some of the new footage of the demo in action below.

Ride hasn’t been riding high on the hype radar, but it seems to be building up a solid base of interest due to sporting local multiplayer (a rarity for a lot of games these days), multiple race tracks across different settings, and different kinds of bikes that players will have at their disposal. It’s a real motorcycle game for motorbike aficionados.

I haven’t seen enough of the game in action to make any snap judgments about it other than that it appears to be trying to fill a void that was once covered by a couple of different motorcycle titles in the past. A lot of game genres have kind of evaporated as of late so we’re starting to see smaller studios step in to plug the gap.

If you want check out Ride you can grab the demo from the Steam store, for free. Need more info on the game? Be sure to check out the official website. Ride is set for release on home consoles and PC starting March 27th.


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