Ride Demo Gameplay Video Takes A Spin Around Nevada

Milestone recently released a playable demo for Ride. This has prompted quite a few gamers to get their hands on the title and see what it looks like in action, as well as get a feel for the controls and handling of the bikes. A few videos have popped up to give gamers a taste of the action if they either don’t have a Steam account or don’t have a PC capable of running the game.

German YouTube outlet P1TV, known for racing clips and motorsports footage from popular video games, posted up 16 minutes worth of footage of the title in action. It doesn’t actually get underway until around the five minute mark, but from then on you get to see a full three-lap race across the dame raceway in Sierra, Nevada. Check it out below.

He has the graphics turned up to maximum with the blur effects, giving gamers a full look at what they can visually expect from Ride when it releases on March 27th.

The handling and physics of the game seem very reminiscent to previous outings in the MotoGP series, especially when THQ was publishing the titles. The bike handling and mechanics aren’t super-realistic but they aren’t really arcadey either. There’s kind of a fine balance between the two.

You’ll also notice that during the race a rewind feature is put into play in an attempt to “redo” a segment of the lap. The rewind feature is very similar to the one that Turn 10 Studios implemented into Forza Motorsport, causing a bit of dissension within the community where some players think that the rewind feature cheapens the race experience while others feel it’s necessary when someone has completed 49 of 50 laps and make a minor mistake that undos all their hard work. We’ll see how well gamers take to the rewind feature in Ride when it launches.

The game is due for release on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC at the end of the week. You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.


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