Ride Bumped Up From 900p To 1080p For The Xbox One

Milestone has made a milestone achievement in the development for their motorcycle racing title, Ride, on the Xbox One: it’s managed to hit 1920 x 1080p. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t a hop, skip and a jump but with a little bit of help from Microsoft the developers managed to get the Xbox One to evolve from a seventh-and-a-half-gen resolution to a full eighth-gen resolution.

Talking to GamingBolt, game director Andrea Basilio commented about the bump up in the game’s resolution, mentioning that…

Ride is Milestone’s third title on the PS4, but it’s our first one on Xbox One so, yes, we’ve been facing some difficulties. At some point of development the Xbox One build was significantly slower, and we were facing the very common issue of “900p” resolution option. We were extremely unhappy about it. But we got in touch with Microsoft directly and with some hints from them we’ve been able to obtain a significant performance boost,”

This is a common story from some developers who had the trouble of getting their game up beyond the 900p range and into the mile-high pixel territory of 1080p. Blizzard previously had the issue with getting Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition from running at 900p on the Xbox One to hitting 1080p. Bungie also had an issue with getting Destiny to run at 1080p, but with a little tender, love and hardware help from the engineers at Microsoft, they were able to elevate the game from “meh” to “okay”.

Furthermore, Basilio stated…

“So Ride will benefit from this and run at full 1080p on Xbox One too. It’s not due to eSRAM, a very small but very fast bank of memory, but to the ever evolving libraries from Microsoft that grant access to the hardware. Version after version, you have to sometimes re-learn and get advantage of the optimizations offered.”

I think for games where the resolution stands out – and in the case of racing titles, a lot of it really does boil down to looks – it’s nice to have that extra bump. Cleaner lines and fewer jaggies can also help a game’s immersion levels, especially for games aiming for that realism factor.

Ride is set for release on March 27th, 2015 after suffering a mild delay, according to Videogamer.com. You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.


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