Nintendo NX Won’t Be A Wii U 2 Or DS Spin-Off, According To Iwata

If you were hoping that the newest Nintendo console, codenamed the “NX”, would be another upgrade on existing hardware tech, you may as well smother your hopes in disappointment and step onto the reality bus. The newest console will supposedly not be a continuation of the current breed of gaming devices Nintendo has on the market at the moment; so that’s a no on the NX being a Wii U 2 or 3DDS.

GamingBolt picked up the story from Brian Ashcraft, who translated part of an interview from Nikkei with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. The interview covered some of the hot button topics of new hardware and the very mysterious Nintendo NX.

According to Iwata, Nintendo is going for something fresh and new with the NX, whatever that may be. He stated that…

“If you only expand upon existing hardware, it’s dull,” … “In some shape or form, we’re always thinking about how we want to surprise players as well as our desire to change each person’s video gaming life.”

Nintendo has had a lot of hit and miss lately, with the Wii U being a good concept that was poorly marketed, but the Amiibo looking like just another Skylanders or Disney Infinity dig, but turned out to be a pretty huge selling toy line for the Japanese company. The Nintendo NX could go either way.

Right now all we have to go on are the vapors of speculation and the fleeting words of Iwata about having to wait until 2016 to get details. I imagine it’s going to be a very interesting time for the Big ‘N’ at E3 this year with the NX looming over their heads, foreshadowing a lot of the hype for the upcoming Star Fox and Legend of Zelda outings for the Wii U.

Hopefully Nintendo can steer some of the hype back on track with their first-party outings and work hard at attempting to impress the gaming community with whatever they have in store when the NX is officially unveiled in 2016.

(Main image courtesy of Tech Fanpage)


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