Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Coming To Xbox One, PS4

In an interview with Armagan Yavuz, the co-founder and lead designer on the upcoming Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord from TaleWorlds Entertainment, Turuncu Levye managed to get him to spill the beans that the upcoming open-world action-strategy title is coming to home consoles.

While they’re speaking Turkish, the website offers English paraphrasing of the interview, with writer Ramazan Tugay Kahraman stating…

“Bannerlord is being worked on precisely for consoles. With Bannerlord, quite a lot things will change for Mount & Blade. TaleWorlds published some developer diaries for Bannerlord and it can be seen that the whole graphic engine is changed. Probably they are working on Bannerlord more to make it huge on consoles.”

I would suspect they’re working hard to change things to make it small on home consoles if they want to keep modding an open possibility. The big draw for previous Mount & Blade titles was based around the ability to easily and conveniently mod the games. Going from PC to console, if the game is being made “bigger” and “better” then cross-platform modding is definitely out of the question.

What’s more is that as a standalone game I always thought Mount & Blade was just okay, but as a base module for expanding and exploring possibilities with new conversions, multiplayer modes and expansions, the game was amazing. The Western total conversion mod and the Shogun mod are perfect examples of taking the game and turning it into something completely different with all new replayability and storylines to follow. If the game is going for the feel-good graphics then don’t expect the Xbox One or PS4 to support community mods  like Unreal Tournament on the PS3 (not that the option would have likely been present anyway, given how closed in the console ecosystem is.)

The whole interview is below.

Mount & Blade II will feature a lot of what the first few outings contained and then some. Steam Workshop support was recently added to the older titles, so it might be safe to expect that it will be standard in the official sequel.

The AI has also been a pretty big focal point of the team, making it more well-rounded and reactive. But the main focus has really been the improved graphics, which they last showcased back in September of 2014 in a dev diary you can check out below.

We’ll see how well this game turns out for home consoles. I’m sure a lot of console players not used to the game will instantly want to compare to high-fantasy games like The Elder Scolls, but the historical realism and simulation aspects really sets it apart from the competition. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how console gamers respond.

You can learn more about Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord by paying a visit to the official website.


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