League For Gamers Lets Everyone Check If They’re On The #GamerGate Autoblocker

There’s a blacklist/blocklist going around that automatically blocks various individuals on social media if they’re following certain prominent figures who use the GamerGate hashtag in an effort to expose corruption within the media industry or fight for the right of creative freedom for artists and content creators. In some cases, if you aren’t automatically added to the list based on who you follow, sometimes you’re added manually to the list based on who you follow or who you retweet.

Well, Mark Kern from Mak Entertainment designed an easy way for people to tell if they’ve been labeled as a “harasser” and put on the #GamerGate Autoblocker, oftentimes shortened to the GG Autoblocker. The blockbot list was organized and coded by social media activist Randi Harper.

If you head on over to the League For Gamers website you can see if your Twitter handle has been added to the #GamerGate Autoblocker or the previous blockbot that was used for Atheism+ simply called The Block Bot.

As mentioned on the website…

“League For Gamers carefully monitors Twitter “blocklists” to ensure they respect the rights of all gamers blocked by these tools. While we understand the value some users find in these tools, we hold blocklist operators to a high level of professionalism. We believe blocklists should respect the users added to these lists, including their data privacy and reputation, and also uphold all relevant laws internationally.”

“However, since these blocklists do not support a way for gamers to easily check if they are being blocked, we’ve created a tool that does the checking for you. Simply type in your twitter handle to see your status on either list.”

From there you can drop your Twitter handle into the search and find out whether or not you’re being blocked.

You can give the Blocklist Checker a test run over on the League For Gamers website. It’s a great way to tell if you’re potentially being blocked out from various groups… groups who could be potential future employers. I did reach out to one of the individuals attached to the #GamerGate Autoblocker but he was unwillingly to fully discuss how people could know that they’re even on the blocklist or what sort of ways they could prevent themselves from ending up there. The only thing I was told was that if you feel a person feels as if they’ve been wrongly assessed and labeled as a misogynistic harasser, they can request to be whitelisted on the GG Autoblocker list. Nevertheless, this still hasn’t stopped some indie devs from ending up on the list.

League For Gamers has really pulled through, because before now there was no easy way to know for sure if you were on the GG Autoblocker list.


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5 thoughts on “League For Gamers Lets Everyone Check If They’re On The #GamerGate Autoblocker

  1. Dang, was hoping the root of LeagueforGamers had something on it, but it appears it’s just parked for now. But it does appear I’m on the gg autoblocker.

  2. There needs to be more things like this. This Anti gamergate lobby seems to be having an outright war on common sense. If I were an employer discriminating against people on race or religion I’d rightfully be hauled before a tribunal. However, If I were to do the same to try and keep people from employment because of their views on Gamergate I would get a free pass. It’s ludicrous. Twitter need to stop this from happening as much as anything else.

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