IGDA Lifetime Member Addresses IGDA Corruption Allegations

The International Game Developers Association has come under fire multiple times over the course of the past few months for a number of reasons. Who have they come under fire from? Angry consumers, anonymous developers and gamers all utilizing the GamerGate hashtag. Well, after a recent video from internet super sleuth Camera Lady recently went live, various diggers associated with #GamerGate have been looking for ethical breaches and possible fiduciary violations by the IGDA. Well, one of the lifetime members of the organization has stepped forward to finally address some of the allegations of corruption regarding the IGDA.

While I was unable to get anyone from the IGDA to go on record about the issues concerning the #GamerGate Autoblocker that was and has been used by senior members of the IGDA, Derek Smart, a lifetime member of the organization and a game developer for over 25 years with titles like Battlecruiser 3000AD and Line of Defense under his belt, decided to step forward to address the issues in a public missive he posted on Pastebin. The respected member of the game development community stated…

“What I do want to tell you is that my support for the IGDA remains as it was from back when I joined it decades (!) ago and right up to my going the extra step to become a Lifetime Member.”


“I have a reputation for being a no-nonsense kinda guy; the outspoken part is just a side effect.


“People don’t scare me.


“No, what scares me is the very notion that I could wake up one morning and this, all of this, everything I’ve worked so very hard for and to be a part of, could be gone or changed for the worse.”

It is true. This “culture war”, as deemed by individuals like Jonathan McIntosh and Anita Sarkeesian from Feminist Frequency, has created quite the divide in the gaming industry. On one side there are the free speech activists and on the other there are those who carry the banner as “diversity progressives”.

The tactics employed by some of the so-called progressives, oftentimes labeled by detractors as “SJWs” or “Social Justice Warriors”, is censorship, bullying and content policing. We’ve recently seen the Modtalk leaks reveal that individuals like Zoe Quinn and Patrick Klepek had the pull to get massive threads and discussions about #GamerGate censored and shutdown. We’ve seen the Game Journo Pros secret e-mail list used to blacklist individuals who were deemed “gross”, or individuals like Ben Kuchera bullying fellow journalists into shutting down discussion surrounding the corruption in games journalism at rival websites. We’ve had these same journalists appeal to Valve’s staff to pull a game off Steam Greenlight because they didn’t like the content. We’ve also seen individuals following this pattern of behavior fabricate lies to get a game like GTA V banned from Target and Kmart in Australia.

Nevertheless, Derek Smart takes the side of a neutral moderate. According to Smart…

“…for as long as this #GamerGate bullshit has been going on, I have refused to take sides. People have stopped asking me why that is because my response has always been, why choose a side in a conflict that affects us all? Why not LISTEN to both sides, meet somewhere in the middle – and end up with meaningful and reasonable discourse?”


“…when you relegate a group of people to nothing short of anarchists or nincompoops, refuse to listen or even engage in meaningful discourse, then accuse the majority of being something they are not, you shouldn’t be surprised at the fallout. It’s madness. Nobody wins. Instead, those who feel disenfranchised just dig in.”

We’ve seen this digging in take place in the form of consumers and gamers of all types rallying together under the umbrage of the “Gamers are Dead” articles to devise ways to get back at the gatekeepers of old; utilizing good old fashioned letter writing to advertisers to pull support from unethical sites and developing a hashtag called NotYourShield to give minorities, women and those who identify as LGBT a platform to speak up and be heard throughout all the media noise created to drown them out and silence their voices.

Smart goes on to say…

During the course of this whole #GamerGate fracas, both sides of the conflict pretty much declared open season on gamers, gamedevs and the gaming media, and with no reservations as to the damage that is being done, not only to all of us, but also to the very ecosystem that is “gaming”.

Smart brings out the point that during this onslaught gamers have picked “targets” across the board that they deem are pointing their lasers at them, from game journalists to DiGRA to UBM Tech and even the IGDA. However, Smart feels as if the IGDA may be falling under undue salvos from the diggers and muckrakers, writing…

“Most of the people who are engaging in this attack mode conduct, don’t even know what the IGDA does, why it was formed or even how it’s run. This despite the fact that the org’s charter is not only public knowledge, but as a non-profit, it has to adhere to very strict rules, regulations and guidelines.”


“Who can remember that cringe-inducing 2013 party fiasco? Or the blockbot fracas months back? I could go on and on; and those aren’t even the best ones; because those, they, like most corps, tend to just figure it out internally before it all goes nuclear.”


“In the last round of IGDA targeted attacks, it came to my attention that the IGDA, via Kate Edwards, the ED, was being accused of some highly questionable and ***legally*** actionable conduct. Serious stuff. Lawsuit type stuff. Especially for a non-profit.”


“The allegations are 100% bullshit and have no merit. Here is the historical connection.”

The allegations that Smart is referring to comes from information that was dug up and made public by various groups looking into the individuals who run the IGDA, noting that Kate Edwards, the current executive director of the IGDA, may have had a potentially unlawful conflict of interest between an old consulting firm and the position she carries at the IGDA. In a lengthy post over on Kotaku in Action, one user actually agrees with Derek Smart and dismisses the calls of corruption, with TalesOfAnnis writing…

“I don’t think we have anything here. As others have mentioned Ms. Edwards profiles (including the one on the IGDA’s own site ) make her relationship with Geogrify explicitly clear. She’s also been working with the IGDA for years with Geogrify’s site listing examples back to 2007. The idea that the board didn’t know about that relationship is a remote possibility at best. It may not look good for someone to get two pieces of the pie and it may not be something people really want made public but in terms of breaching fiduciary duty it’s a long-shot at best… and that’s probably overstating it.”

I did reach out to one of Geogrify’s former clients about the consulting work that Edwards’ firm did for them, and Cascade Game Foundry’s managing director, Kathie Flood, simply stated…

“I remember the consulting done by Geogrify. Top-notch work – a valuable service in a complex field. We have worked with them as Geogrify, Englobe, etc. since the mid-90’s.“

Smart verifies that the name of the firm had undergone changes, but also further notes that Edwards, the IGDA and the consulting firm are not in breach of any conflicts of interest, writing…

“The only connection between the IGDA and her firm, is related to the work that the IGDA hires her to do, that being, running the IGDA. Nothing more, nothing less.”


“There is no scenario whereby Kate’s firm would be giving money to the IGDA in any capacity other than to submit, as I would expect, expense reports for reimbursement.


“There is no scenario under which the IGDA, as a non-profit mind you, would be funneling funds to Kate’s firm other than for the aforementioned services rendered.”


“[…]these protracted attacks and allegations against the IGDA, not to mention Kate, are unfounded, without merit and have no basis in reality.


“And they need to stop. Like, right now. Let’s go back to arguing about “ethics in game journalism” because these distractions are just that, distractions.”

While the issue of Edwards’ corruption allegation was addressed, it still left a bit of an unresolved matter of former IGDA chairman of the Puerto Rico division, Robert Rosario, and the closure of the Puerto Rico division, as well as the IGDA’s employment of the #GamerGate Autoblocker. While blocking out average users would be understandable, some of the members utilizing the tool to also widely sweep indie developers under the rug has caused quite a stir. I previously wrote about my encounter with GG Autoblocker software support engineer Toby Fee, who opted not to discuss the matter further. Back when the IGDA first endorsed and then stepped away from their endorsement of the GG Autoblocker, I contacted IGDA founder Ernest W. Adams about the issue regarding indie devs inadvertently ending up on the list, but only received a curt response about how they could be approved to be whitelisted on the GG Autoblocker list.

I also asked various members of the IGDA about the implications of indie developers being auto-blocked by an organization that’s supposed to help represent them, but the issue hasn’t been addressed fully, yet.

I did ask one individual who identified as an indie developer how he felt about the IGDA and if he would be reaching out to them, but he responded saying…

b⚡cully on Twitter

For now, a lot of indie developers fear speaking up lest they undergo a public shaming, which is what happened to indie developer Russ Roegner when he made some unpopular statements regarding gender politics that didn’t go over too well in a Twitter conversation.


Billy has been rustling Jimmies for years. The GJP cried and their tears became his milkshake. Contact.

56 thoughts on “IGDA Lifetime Member Addresses IGDA Corruption Allegations

  1. Someone with a lot invested in the IGDA saying it’s not corrupt! Well shit, that means we were totally wrong!

      1. I’ve witnessed this story from the beginning. I’m also not on Twitter, 8chan, or Reddit. I’ve mostly just been lurking as many gamers have been.

        I don’t understand how you can paint both sides with a broad brush like that. Had people actually investigated the connections and been a voice of reason in the media, this definitely wouldn’t have gone on as long as it has. But journalists were either pushing this misogyny narrative or laying low and not standing up to these obvious lies for fear of being branded misogynists themselves or hurting their career. Even after raising $70k for TFYC this misogyny narrative was still pushed. And none of the big gaming websites were reporting on it, so most of the money had to have come from GG or them spreading news about it through social media.

        It also started not because of the Quinn story itself but the reaction to it. The censorship across multiple gaming websites, which is what drew my attention to the story as well, and the insults from journalists and some indie devs on Twitter. Had the story proceeded normally, it would have been over in a week or two. But the censorship and insults made them look guilty which led to more instances, far worse, being discovered. And instead of journalists again apologizing, and promising to do better in the future, they wrote those 10 articles in a single day attacking gamers.

        I guess my question is how can you say with all the unethical behavior from journalists, the connections, etc, that people don’t have a right to voice their complaints because it makes the industry look bad? At least that’s what I took from your comments. That you care more about the image of the industry itself than confronting these unethical people. What’s going to happen to the devs in the future who are looking to get their games covered but don’t have the right politics, or don’t have a political issue to exploit in the game. What about the devs like Vavra who have spoken out about these journalists? Are we suppose to just ignore the impact they have on the indie scene? Where a little publicity can make or break a game?

        What about the racism and hate these journalists push with their articles? They write articles titled “Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty There Is” and articles about white male privilege. I’ve even seen one about “rape culture.” In video games. It’s why it was so easy to paint their critics as misogynists and racists. They had already laid the groundwork with their articles. It’s also why GGers were being called white basement dwellers, white man babies, etc, at the beginning of this and often caught insulting women and minorities instead. Most of the people making insults were white men and women according to their avatars which was pretty surreal.

        A lot of young people play video games. When you teach them to judge one group of people based on skin color or sexuality, you teach them to judge and stereotype everyone different from themselves on those features and that’s exactly what happened with women and minorities in GG. Women being accused of internalizing misogyny and just trying to be apart of the boys’ club. Minorities accused of not really understanding their place in society and how they work to help them or being mislead by white male gamers or 4chan. It just leads to bigotry against everyone. I thought the whole point of moving past racism and sexism was not judging people based on a skin color and to a certain extent gender. Why is that no longer progressive enough? Why do you now have to insult and denigrate the majority’s race and sexuality? What’s the point? The pendulum is just going to end up swinging the other way with there being more hate toward women and minorities. Just like we saw with GG and NotYourShield.

        People absolutely have a right to voice complaints and criticism of these journalists. They shouldn’t be bullied, slandered, and called a hate group for doing so. To this day you still see people making jokes calling minorities and women sockpuppets. Even after all the pictures and videos.These are the same people who are constantly talking about advocating for “PoC”, but then completely dismisses and insults them when they disagree with them. These journalists have lied to and manipulated a bunch of their readers with their propaganda. I have no idea how you deprogram those types of people. I don’t know how you reach out and have a conversation with them. They aren’t interested in seeing any evidence of corruption or unethical behavior. They will just dismiss it.

        You can’t work at McDonald’s and insult a customer. You will be fired. So how do these journalists get away with this pandemonium they’ve created over the past 6 months? Why aren’t you mad at them for causing this situation? You can’t blame consumers for complaining. They absolutely had a right to without being attacked and while being treated with respect as well.

        I know this was long, but had to vent and you seem like someone reasonable in the industry. Thanks for looking into the connections. I wasn’t aware of this being a normal occurrence in the corporate world. It just seems like it’s very easy to take money donated and funded by the government and pass it from your nonprofit to the for profit business you pay to consult for you when you have one person running both. I think it was ok for people to be concerned about that. Especially since anytime one of these connections is discovered, people are insulted, mocked, and it goes ignored.

      2. Very good points and well stated. This is the sort of discussion I can engage in.

        But I don’t think that my missive had anything to do with “painting both sides with a broad brush”. It had more to do with saying that BOTH sides are responsible for where we are, because, believe it or not, it’s a fact.

        And because mud slinging, dirt digging, conspiracy theories etc are the norm, most of it ends up being distracting noise that doesn’t solve anything other than continue to propagate an agenda that, for the most part, has fuck all to do with gaming.

      3. I can say that there is a lot of crap being flung by both sides, but I cant help but see somethings you’ve said and stare oddly at it. I feel that you’ve said a few things that need to be addressed. Usually I would just watch and read things like this but I feel I need to show a couple things that your failing to look at or dont understand as you’ve told people again and again.

        This isnt just some group of people with a grudge, NOR is this some aspect of life being unfair. This is a large number of people who have had to defend themselves for having fun in their hobby. These are people who have been repeated blamed for things they either have no control of, or having FUN in their community. Gamers have been repeatedly used as the scapegoat for failures of these ‘successful’ bullies, looking to turn innocent people into their punching bag for decades. No matter what the medium, these people have and will CONTINUE to be the targets of these people.

        Gamergate is pretty much these people saying, enough is enough, and trying to defend themselves, their characters and their individual stands together against it. From the media to the journalists to even themselves, they’ve struggled and been kicked on, threatened, insulted, publicly humiliated, chased out, and more, PURELY for loving their hobby and their industry. These people dont make any form of finical gain from this, only a victory in defending themselves. When this is over, even if they win, they arent going to get a trophy or some medal of honor, they only get to CONTINUE ENJOYING THEIR INDUSTRY and thats all.

        There are a LOT of clowns who will use this for their own benefit, this is something thats happened in any form of public dispute, regardless of the form. Thats part of the human nature itself, but there are also a LOT of people who genuinely feel betrayed and bullied as well. You can say that both sides have valid concerns, and that neither side are willing to talk to the other, and while sitting on the fence, looking at both sides, I often see only ONE side talking in a public place. From chats, forums, comment sections and more, there are HUNDREDS of places where people can talk and connect if they really wanted to communicate, and they have. Ive seen them argue WITH each other on these points myself, and even if they DONT agree, they keep it civil.

        Remember, these are just people, a group of people who are confused, hurt, and at their limits over being thrown under the bus for everything WRONG and rarely anything right. Please understand that even if you feel you are ‘bringing the hard dose of truth’ to everyone here, that these people have been lied to CONSIDERABLY more and more as the months go on, making it hard to trust ANYONE. For you to say this is just silly or disregard them, shows how little you really understand about the debacle. Your blaming them for being suspicious and paranoid when a large number of people are looking for any way to turn their points into laughing stocks and as ‘threats and harassment towards women’ while repeatedly trying to defend themselves and revive their community.

        Your not fighting people on equal grounds, your talking to the consumers and the betrayed and the bullied who have dealt with this stuff for decades. You can argue about this all you want, but the facts dont lie. That is a fact, a very VERY hard proven one that only a minute of google searching would show you. You want to insult them for being wary of you? Would you blame them? You said it yourself, do you hold a grudge against them for being angry when they’ve had to deal with this for so long?

        This isnt a ‘coming back to see the bully has been successful’. No..this is the bully whos been your neighbor through the years, who randomly uses you, gains success through it, and then laugh and praises themselves for the success they’ve built over you, and the moment you stand up for yourself, they scream and try to make a public ‘example of you’.

      4. I agree with this, but you’re forgetting that my missive wasn’t even addressing any specific aspect of this whole farce.

        I have no regard for who said or did what, when, where or how. Which is why I hold both sides – everyone – responsible because the us v them notion hurts everyone.

        And where are now is that both sides have dug in and there is seemingly no way out. So I don’t expect that this farce will end at all. 🙁

        And I agree 100% with your interpretation of my “wedgie” analogy. Well stated.

      5. Both sides have indeed dug in (this is mainly due to how easily it is to be heard these days with twitter, facebook, etc), and each have their own reasons. I have definitely seen what BOTH sides have had to say, but the manners each have chosen to portray this message cannot be further apart from each other. While both sides have its weasels and hyenas looking for scraps, as well as its troublemakers, its determined more by how each group deals with its own troublemakers and what it does with its information.

        Trust me when I say this, when I see reports about “HUGE NEWS!! CONSPIRACY” happens, I take it with a grain of salt until I see concrete evidence. At this point, getting any ‘big evidence’ against companies and etc, the first thing thought is “I dont think anyone is that stupid to let something like that get loose” (I have been wrong on this before with some things though..and there are people that stupid…or confident).

        As for why they’ve dug deep, whats really fighting is a sense of pride vs frustration, and if you’ve ever been in a fight like that, you know that it NEVER ends well…or quickly. Its long, drug out, and mutilated over time. Its not something that is easily fixed because what drives both is the stubborn human nature. As for where people stand, thats their decision, more power to you. I would only suggest people UNDERSTAND both sides demons and what drives them, because looking at just the points and the truth each side is trying to say isnt going to do anything because they can make that be anything, but the behavior, how each one treats the other, and the attitude they portray and the damage EACH side can do if allowed to take the front.

      6. While you were typing that up, there was precisely one of those “HUGE NEWS!!! CONSPIRACY” bullshit nonsense against Gawker hitting my Twitter feed. I went off that person so fast, it wasn’t even funny. It’s the sort of thing that continues to propagate this farce.

        Of course, because I was foolish enough to entertain the thought of putting a panel together so that some reasonable people can hash something out, get the media involved in order to end hostilities, those who, for whatever reason, want this farce to continue, proceeded to call me a shill, MRA etc.

        Which is precisely why most level-headed people have refrained from engaging in this because there is no way to end something when both sides have embraced the MAD ideology.

      7. Your looking at things as I did when this first started up. That was quickly followed up with another question

        “What were people expecting?”

        Considering what drives and motivates both sides of this argument, it was inevitable. Both sides opinions on the matter directly clash with each other regardless of how they were to approach it, and it just gives everyone a big pool of gunk to dip their hands into to find treasure.

        People want justice on BOTH sides against their enemies, and they want everyone to see the other side for what it is. They want their opponents to be criminals in the eyes of the public. I can personally say, seeing things being flung on both sides, saying whos done worse than the other often leads people into insane arguments and having to defend your own character and opinion.

        HOWEVER, I will say this, to anyone who reads this and to yourself. Ask yourself this “Why are you having to defend yourself in the first place? What has made your opinion become the topic of flame wars over the internet?” Studying the situation from both sides of this fence and returning lead me to look at the hostilities in a nutshell and its pretty obvious that there are people continuing this shitslinging on purpose for their own means.

        Your not going to get people to talk it out because those arent the people who need to be up there in the first place. As long as you have certain people aggravating and creating hatred for them to feed on, this will continue. Your not being called a shill or MRA because of just your desire to see things be talked out, your being called that because someone is keeping everyone angry. The MAD ideology is the works of people who want to see THEIR brand of justice be done to everyone else.

      8. I have to disagree with you on your last paragraph. dirt digging and creating connections is very important for GG, because it allows us to see where we need to look next and which issues we have to tackle. The digs get compiled and posted on websites such as gamergate.me. The issue, of course as you point out is that it is distracting. However, it does not have fuck-all to do with gaming. For example, as Sargon of Akkad showed in his last video does Feminist Frequency collude with DiGRA to get themselves forward, and they also colluded with a gamedev to provide said gamedev publicity for its ‘progressive’ agenda. These are serious issues because giving the spotlight to those who do not derserve it takes it away from those who do not collude when releasing their products.

        Because Reddit and 8Chan are far too noisy, it is up for individual persons and small groups (like groups of gamedev students) and more controlled websites like KnowYourMeme to disseminate and use the information provided. And for me, myself, I’m currently doing that. I’m handling a case with the Dutch Journalistic Ethics Council (Raad voor de Journalistiek) regarding a hitpiece as well as busy investigating DiGRA professors for academic bias. I’m an academic gamedev student, so I thought I could make myself useful there.

      9. But I have no issues with dirt digging or creating connections. If people have the time, more power to them. What they do with the information and how they present it, is what I have issues with.

        What I also have an issue with is all the biased reporting, doxxing, conjecture laden bullshit etc.

        As an academic, you know all too well that there are many, many impressionable people in the middle of this and who tend to go with the flow of consensus.

        So when someones posts bullshit (e.g. the IGDA co-mingles funds with a third-party consulting firm headed by its ED), they take the ball and run with it.

        That’s wrong.

        And it’s when bullshit like that gets decimated that you see all this noise and people keep trying to one-up each other.

        As someone who has been in the middle of a fracas or two, I have a lot of experience with this to know that nobody – ever – wins.

      10. I don’t see it that way. If consumers complain to a business about their practices and the business begins to attack, slander, and insult them then it becomes the business’s fault at that point if it turns into a media circus. Let’s keep in mind that journalists also lied to and manipulated their readers.

        Yeah GG currently runs on a lot of petty drama. I try to separate that from the issues. However, I think it’s much worse when a journalist or dev is publicly insulting gamers and the industry than when some anonymous person does. That person could be a kid, a troll, or someone on the other side of the world. There are 6 billion people in the world. Bound to be a bunch of jerks on the internet. This is a major problem with journalists trying to cherry pick negative things trolls say to paint tens of thousands of people as misogynists. It would be like me using the murderers and criminals in prison that are democrats, republicans, feminists, or apart of whatever group to paint the entire group as that way. It’s misleading and wrong to do that.

        Back to the journalists. There is plenty of evidence of corruption when you separate the petty drama out. There have been several journalists caught with some pretty big conflicts of interests and they still have jobs. Haven’t been disciplined or even apologized for the mess they created. There have been at least a few dozen devs who have spoken out anonymously in support of GG. More women have technically been doxxed or threatened in GG than the 2 or 3 women we constantly hear about. Just no one reports on this stuff.

        There are people on the other side of the issue that have been lied to so much, that they truly believe that tens of thousands of people came together to harass women out of the gaming industry. They also believe that the talk about ethics is just a cover for harassing women. You can’t convince most people of something so insane.

        Yeah GG people find connections and assume the worse about those connections. But what do you expect when so much money, time and energy has been spent on discrediting and spreading lies about GG? There’s some explanation for it, isn’t there? It’s not just some random mob of people that grew out of control. If there was some actual professional investigation into this story and these issues, you wouldn’t have average people digging into it on the internet and trying to find out the truth on their own.

        What worries me about this whole thing is: If we can’t confront an issue of corruption and unethical behavior of journalists in the gaming industry then how can we expect to face serious issues of corruption? If the MSM is willing to spin a story about corruption with games journalists then they are willing to spin anything. Last I checked this was still America, not Nazi Germany and Joseph “Tell a lie long enough people will believe it” Goebbels wasn’t running the show. So what gives?

      11. Yes, but here’s the thing. Once people started going in all directions, it created noise. What that noise does is mask the real root and cause of the problem, as you’ve stated.

        So ofc when some ass clown goes and stalks someone, makes threats etc, that gets magnified in all aspects. All of sudden, who gives a damn about ethics in gaming journalism when there are people out there doing stupid shit that’s more newsworthy?

        Asking the media to self-censor is a non-starter and should’ve been obvious since day one. Similarly, branding all the media as being corrupt etc, is bullshit and is no different from people claiming that all GGers are ass clowns who harass and stalk women in gaming.

      12. So we just give into the media because they always find some comment or some lunatic saying something crazy on the internet to cover for themselves? How are legitimate issues suppose to be confronted when you can just cherry pick the most ridiculous, insane comments and use them to deflect from the issues? It becomes too easy to manipulate issues if we go down that road.

        There were third party trolls from the beginning attacking both sides. They were probably responsible for a lot of the doxxing and threats. A lot of the claims of harassment are coming from people who are being criticized or disagreed with. That’s not harassment. But because they are women and people hear them say they are harassed, people automatically believe them and freak out about it.

        I didn’t mean all media is corrupt. With the gaming media, it appears there is a real culture of fear when it comes to covering GG. That’s the only reason I can think of why none of the big outlets covered any aspects of it besides the whole harassment against women narrative. There was also the Game Journo Pros list. 150 journalists across competing websites colluding and coordinating on this story and covering other aspects of the gaming industry. That could also explain why people are afraid of covering it, because the big websites often work together and a lot of journalists are friends so they are afraid of hurting their career by covering it and alienating other journalists and outlets.

        With the MSM, they should have done some proper investigating instead of regurgitating the same lies the gaming journalists were. They even held back info like knowing that women in GG were being threatened and doxxed, and an interview with Dawe a female dev in GG that talked about what GG was and why she was apart ot it. This was covered on this very website. All to tell a more interesting story of harassment against women. They should have done background checks into the women claiming GG was a terrorist group and about harassing women so they could determine they weren’t credible people.

      13. Exactly the same i dont go to 4chan or twitter and i was there since quinn, the reaction to it, the refusal of the media to covr both sides, some angry people on twitter advocating censorship, the media pushing narratives with lies.

        The reason i got on GG is because the other side couldnt stop trash talking about it and be authoritative on what we should enjoy.

      14. Indeed. And that’s why the group is so splintered. Instead of coming together as “gamers”, people pick a side, for whatever reason, and dig in.

      15. That’s what happens when people are manipulated with propaganda. People were whipped into a frenzy as soon as they heard women were being harassed and threatened on the internet. They didn’t even bother to ask themselves, “Would tens of thousands of people really come together to harass a couple of women or harass all women out of gaming?”

        I suspect a lot of this white privilege, social justice nonsense is more for stroking people’s egos than actually caring about those groups of people. People who want to talk about and be perceived as progressive and helping “marginalized” people. Because as soon as they are faced with those people who disagree with them, they immediately insult or dismiss their opinions.

        I just started learning about this whole social justice crap when GG started. But to me it looks like the seeds and beginnings of another racist, sexist group. Sure they talk about being inclusive and helping minorities, but you saw how they treated the women and minorities in GG and NotYourShield. They talked down to them like they were better than them and completely dismissed their opinions. Jason Miller even got fired from his job for starting the NotYourShield hashtag. So inclusive, right? No, to me it all seems like it’s about their ego and image. Not caring about other people. It’s much easier to tweet about these issues than actually do something about it.

      16. Yeah some of the things these people say. They don’t seem to be aware they are advocating for some sort of Orwellian, totalitarian nightmare where thoughtcrime is a real thing.

      17. All your picture did is show you have a vested interest in protecting the IGDA. You could say the sky is blue and I’m not going to just swallow it because you demonstrated that you have such an interest.

      18. That’s the silliest thing I’ve read all day. Seriously.

        OK, I’m just going to cut and past what I posted on Reddit earlier today.

        As most of you probably know, my days of engaging in meaningless discourse on the Internet ended awhile back. Now, I tend to pop-in, say what I have to say and leave. It’s like the equivalent of a drive-by. 🙂

        So this is it.

        First, I appreciate that you took the time to read my [IGDA missive](https://pastebin.com/3vmdTvHK) yesterday. The primary reason for writing it was on line 69.

        When you engage in a shouting match or talk “past” people, the discussion flow ends and you just end up wasting time and effort.

        Which is precisely why I tend not to give trolls and their ilk any quarter, instead I tend to engage them using the only language that they understand. Sheer verbal brutality.

        But here is the thing, just as you would have protocols for dealing with your boss, teacher, girlfriend, best friend etc, so you should have the same sort of protocol for dealing with people online. If you know that you can’t resist the urge to ignore trolls, but instead keep feeding them, you need to know that you’ve committed to wasting your time on a pointless effort. Been there. Done that. Hated it.

        Similarly, when you engage in meaningful discourse with someone who has a beef (legit or not is subjective) and can articulate it in a manner that is conducive to meaningful dialog, regardless of the outcome, you learn something. You don’t have to like it and you don’t have to agree. That’s what **meaningful discourse** is about. If you’re out to gain knowledge and understanding, the urge to **win** takes a back seat.

        I have used this technique since my early days, which is precisely why those who hate me, hate me with a passion; those who love me, send me flowers. OK fine, no flowers, but they keep buying my games.

        Once you engage someone and have an impression of that person (known or anon), it is hard to form a different impression. What happens is that if that person turns around with meaningful discourse, it’s hard to trust them. How can you?

        Let’s put it another way.

        You’re that kid who keeps getting a wedgie from the school’s local ass clown and mascot. You’re 11. Years later, at 32, you run into him at a reunion. He walks in looking like a million dollars and with the hottest babe in tow.

        How do you feel?

        Are you mad at him because he was a bully or because he ended up being this successful person, while you’re probably still living from paycheck to paycheck?

        At which point do you realize that you need to let go?

        At which point do you realize that the universe doesn’t revolve around you and that good, bad or ugly, people still tend to get ahead because that’s the way life works?

        At which point do you realize that holding onto a grudge is borne on hate, defeat and resignation.

        People latch onto and hold onto a grudge like it was going out of style. To the extent that no matter what their target says or does, they will always deride and discount that person, regardless of merit. And every opportunity they find to attack or put that person down, makes them feel good because the rush of having done or said something to that extent, is better than the alternative: accountability for one’s own situation.

        This is precisely what has seen this whole GG bullshit continue this long and both sides pointing the finger, not trusting each other, engaging in meaningful and largely ineffective and inconsequential banter.

        All noise.

        Meanwhile, the media are having a field day, playing both sides against the middle and continuing to profit (what? web sites don’t pay for themselves you know. See click-bait traffic) from the carnage. I have likened it to that guy who drops into the middle of a war zone – and sells weapons to both sides of the conflict. The highest bidder gets the best weapons. So the more egregious bullshit fuckers come up with, the more chances it has of making headlines.

        I tend not to interfere in food fights. My reason for ever chiming in this GG thing is because it affects me as a gamer and gamedev vet.

        Doing what my many industry friends and peers do, by buying their heads in the sand, shoving fingers in their ears etc, has worked out so very well, don’t you think?

        Which is why when I heard about, yet another IGDA farce, given my contacts and associations there, I decided to look into it and offer up some explanation. You know why that is? Scroll up.

        Too hard? OK, here is it: **NOBODY IS GOING TO RESPOND TO BULLSHIT!!**

        Which is precisely why, even in real life, you tend to get the “No Comment” more often than not. Then reporters and investigators go off and make up their own shit. Some get sued because, you know, liability insurance only protects ignorance, not willful actions or wanton acts of incompetence.

        I took my time to look into the specific (I don’t give a toss about all that other nonsense) allegations only because I already knew some of the answers and because I knew that nobody was going to respond and that was only going to continue propagating the bullshit, which seems to be the norm.

        Dog meets bone. That kinda thing.

        When I wrote that, I didn’t write it because I wanted anyone to **believe** me. I wrote it because people asked and reached out to me specifically. I could very well have ignored it and that would’ve been the end of it.

        So what you choose to believe, is your choice to make. It has zero effect on me. The fact is that I know more than you do and I chose to share it. What you do with it, is entirely up to you.

        Simply put, I don’t care what anyone believes other than to hope that the ass clowns doing stupid shit, get bored and move on to more fruitful ventures at some point. Though, as someone who has been the target and participant of the longest Usenet (if you know what that is, you’re officially old) flamewars mankind has ever known, I know that some people **live** for this stuff; so quitting is like taking away their favorite toy. After all, when you take that away, what’s left? Emptiness. Sad, lonely, emptiness.

        When this was about “ethics in game journalism” (I have a hard time writing that with a straight face, seriously) I was curious to see how far it would go and how it would end. But in true human fashion, a bunch of ass clowns took a defining moment in gaming history and turned it into a vehicle for hate, misogyny and the harassment of women. To that I say, f*ck you! You’re the problem!

        The end result is that all this GG v anti-GG thing is just an “also ran” farce and just another day on the ranch that is social discourse. Nobody in their right minds would engage in it because the lines are blurred, most of the participants (on both sides) have no fucking clue which way is up, let alone what exactly it is they’re “fighting” for.

        At the end of the day, you’ve all made gaming a casualty of war. You shine the spotlight on this very thing you’re claiming to “fix” (tbh, I had no idea it was broken) and once again, as has happened in the past, it got world-wide notoriety and attracted all the **WRONG** kinds of attention, from mainstream media, all the way to the top echelons of govt and law enforcement. Good job. You win.

        And to this day, almost eight months, **YOU HAVEN’T WON OR CHANGED SHIT!!**

        All you’ve done is succeeded in having a group of people with **legit** grips, branded as a hate group and laughing stock and completely changed the narrative.

        Which is why the jokes are all on you, while gaming continues to suffer the consequences of your actions.

        Back to this IGDA nonsense.

        Listen, people who **know** me, know that I don’t mince words, I’m no shill and I never shy away from a fight. I don’t work for anyone. In fact, the last time I worked for anyone, was almost 32 years ago. And it wasn’t in gaming.

        Go ahead, tell me again how many people you know who’ve done their own thing for that long, against all odds. In fact, I’m probably one of very few vets from the old days who has never – ever- worked for **any** gaming entity. Ever.

        So yeah, I’m that guy. Which is precisely why I can do and say whatever I want without having to lose sleep over reprisals from the cabal, or worse the Illuminati. But those Scientology clowns are a whole different story. They’re just weird.

        So when I take my time to write a lengthy missive about why all this IGDA hate is just bullshit, you just have to take my word for it because, guess what, you have no other choice other than fabrications and conjecture laden bullshit from people who don’t know shit about anything.

        Thing is that corps are run by people. People, by their very nature, are broken. As such, they are likely to make the wrong decisions and do/say stupid shit. Every day. All day. The IGDA, like every corp run by mere mortals, has had it’s own share of that. Nobody has to make apologies for them; least of all me.

        The thing is that when people find something to latch onto, that’s pretty much all that they have. The blockbot farce? The whole sad chapter issue with Roberto? All those things are a direct result of poor decisions being made by people who thought they were doing the right thing and without actually thinking it through and realizing the ramifications.


        I want to address two important things as well, based on my first hand knowledge – I don’t deal in conjecture.

        1) The blockbot. Over and done with. Move on. We all have ad blockers, AV software etc. That knee-jerk reaction by an org that is about and for gaming, was a poor decision. They thought they were reducing the noise, the social media harassment, the incessant trolling etc. It was a third-party thing, not unlike any other. Some people got caught in the dragnet that is no different from you finding email from your long lost uncle in Nigeria who came into a fortune, sitting in your spam box. Or false positives from your AV program which blocks a DLL your printer needs to function across the network. Shit happens. Nobody killed your dog. Deal with it. Move on.

        2) The Puerto Rico chapter debacle. I can’t even believe that we’re still discussing this. Simply put, the IGDA does not open/run chapters. They are self-contained volunteer groups. Chapter head leaves, if no one in place to take over, it shuts down. If someone steps up, contacts the IGDA about re-opening it and goes through the process, it re-opens. That’s how it’s run.

        As an example, Tom Buscaglia used to run the South Florida chapter for many years. After he left the State, someone else took it over. That person left, and someone else took it over. Then they left and I took it over. I eventually closed it when I found that I simply couldn’t put in the time and because I was spending more time in my NYC place than I was in Florida. And given the dearth of gaming professionals in South Florida, nobody stepped up to take it over. So as it stands, there is not South Florida chapter anymore. Here, take a look: https://www.igda.org/?page=chapters

        So that’s what happened to that chapter. There is no conspiracy theory. There is no story; other than the rather unfortunate events that happened back then.

        The fact that both of the above things are still raging on, despite **numerous** explanations from a lot of [connected] people, proves my point that there is no reason for anyone to respond because people are just going to discard it and continue to regurgitate the same only tripe repeatedly because there is nothing else of substance to latch onto.

        This is the part where I say that you’re all better than this and that you need to find something worthy of your time and effort, but I’m not going to do that because you know more about you and your motivations than I do.

        However, while all this settles in and while you’re coming up with the most creative way to attack me, ask yourself this: what have you done for gaming lately? I’ll go first. I make games.

        That is all.

        As you were.

        – DS


      19. Well honestly your proven vested interest is just icing on the untrustworthy cake you baked claiming to be a doctor and marking critical reviews as abusive to get them removed but I’d rather focus on the present.

      20. I like the part that you went “i will give my money to igda and if you care about about gaming you should too”

        Here is an idea, if IGDA is not corrupt but they are so godamn useless that they appear to be utterly corrupt, then you should first fix IGDA lift the blocks and do actual work for devs.THEN we support you.

        I mean look at sheri rubin or Kim Pallister these two know anita and leigh alexander and have a strong idelogical bias against GG.

        How can we take IGDA seriously when they are there?

    1. Well look, when someone says stop digging in a certain area it either means there’s nothing there… or there’s something really important there.

      It just means you either have to dig more carefully, or find somewhere else to dig.

      1. I wasn’t trying to imply this wasn’t worth writing, or reading, as your work always is. Just that Mr Smart has a past that makes him somewhat untrustworthy.

      2. Eck, I think my comment kind of came out wrong. I totally get what you were saying… I think more-so for the future we just have to be careful how the information spreads so we have a tighter case to dig further and expose enough to rattle those bones and shake the skeletons out of the closet.

      3. Agreed. It’s very tempting to jump at the gun, hoping that it will be the finishing blow that will make the corrupt ones fall and not get up… But that blow requires preparation. Patience is a virtue.

      4. I said it before and ill say it again, you are comparing over 100 million people on steam with the master race.

        The comparison is idiotic. Even a small percentage of that amount out is far higher than the console user base.

        Most streamers stream lol minecraft, wow or console games.

      1. Mr. Smart, I´ve been since the start on #GamerGate and I´ve been asking myself this… what is your proposal for a peaceful arrangement? because I don´t see it changing any time soon by simply “dismissing them”. There are thousands of people angry in here from all over the world. What are you and your people doing to appease the anger?

      2. exactly, he is telling us to cut them some slack and give em money… how about fixing their act first or actually talk to us?

      3. No, as in you have a history of fucking with people for the hell of it. You’ve admitted to this yourself in the past.

        The fact is, I don’t trust you, and reading some of your comments, I think you may very well be just looking to stir shit up.

      1. Hey Derek, you know people were chanting your name over there today and you couldn’t even show up and say hi. And I really do remember your exceptionally abrasive manner, and general assholishness that pissed a lot of people off. You have gotten better, but you’re still an ass.

    2. What’s really ridiculous is that he only addressed one allegation and used that to claim no wrongdoing while completely ignoring all the other evidence we’ve had since last year showing complete and utter corruption, collusion and blatant illegal activities. His comments were a joke. He has ZERO credibility unless he addresses the other numerous allegations.

      1. Why is it ridiculous? Did you read the whole thing or did you bail two paragraphs in?

        I addressed specifically what people reached out to me about. That being the allegations about the IGDA/Edwards working relationship. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s called focus. Look it up.

      2. Granted, then don’t make ridiculous comments like “Let’s go back to arguing about “ethics in game journalism” when there is other factual evidence to show that there is rampant corruption in the IGDA. Asking gamers to just focus on games journalism in the face of all that corruption in other areas that you did not mention is irresponsible and questionable. If you want to continue your undying loyalty to an organization that is so blatantly corrupt then that is your right, but do not be surprised when your motives and stance on corruption is called into question. Are you denying all the other evidence of corruption that has been brought to light? If so show us where we are wrong, if not, why not fight against it? Why speak now on this one issue?

        If an organization is corrupt and needs to be torn down then so be it. Because you’ve been part of it for a long time Is not a reason to support it. If it falls
        another will rise. This should be more than a “I’ve worked hard to build something so I’ll be loyal to the end” scenario. We crucify other businesses like banks and oil companies and stack brokers when their employees apply that same logic, why should it be ok to apply it to the IGDA? If you care about the gaming world as much as you claim to then help fix it. Destroy what needs to be destroyed
        and build up what deserves to be built up and that would be a much better legacy that all the years invested into a manipulative and corrupt organization.

        My initial post came across as harsh but I have nothing against you (unless you are pro corruption and want to cover it up), my problem is with the level of corruption that is being done by the media and these organizations and the fact that the people we expect to be speaking up about it, people like you because you guys are the people we are actually fighting for, make comments and act in ways that are highly questionable. And what makes it worse is that a lot of devs who actually would like to speak up are afraid of the repercussions. How can that EVER be a good organization? It sounds more like the mafia. IF YOU ARE NOT PRO CORRUPTION then I apologize for the harsh manner in which I came across. (and yes I wrote the first part of that
        statement in capital to stress that my apology is sincere but only if you do
        not support said corruption).

  2. fuck all that, they either need to publicly apologize for every mis-deed and falsification or be dismantled

    anything short of these two options is un-acceptable THEY started this THEY have done the damage THEY created the rift

    and for fucking what? because they felt like they could kick us around? because they felt like they could lie about us? fuck that

    they either
    1) own up to this shit right now
    2) be completely dismantled
    3) defeat #GamerGate once and for all by burning the house we all live in to the ground

    and I really fucking doubt they feel like being homeless

    1. Its kinda hard to tell if they feel like being homeless or not. People like those who run the IGDA tend to bounce around taking relatively unimportant but high paying jobs as consultants, etc., cause they have friends in high places. It’s all politicking. They’d have very little to lose if they burned the industry to the ground as long as their organization gained some notoriety, positive or negative, in the process.

      The people who’d really be hurt is the developers who are financially backing the IGDA and ultimately gain nothing from the relationship other than a chance to network.. among other members of the IGDA. They won’t have friends outside the industry to give them desk jobs if the organization is part of what nukes the industry though.

  3. Given he says “for the most part, ignoring anything that even looks, smells or tastes like politically correctness, requires a lot from a person.”
    I wonder what he thinks of all the extreme political correctness that’s crept in (femfreq, banning gta,etc.).

  4. As I said to Derek, it is not normal for Directors of Professional Membership bodies to draw down a salary in not for profit Institutes and Societies which is what the IGDA claims to be. Professionals provide their time gratis. Only the administration staff and bills get paid.

    If Kate Edwards is drawing down a salary then I would like to see a market pricing study on someone with their equivalent experience to confirm that the draw is fair.

    I also do not understand how the IGDA can suddenly have become so involved in peddling ‘diversity services’, whateverthefuckthatis, which is the role of Kate Edwards company, including getting grants from Intel to provide ‘diversity services’; through Kate Edwards old Microsoft Diversity Chum, Kim Pallister an infamous Director of Content at Intel. They likely met and became bosom buddies while she was working providing ‘diversity services’ during Halo 2.

    I think I’m start to build up a picture as to why Bungie flat out resisted being absorbed into Microsofts corporate culture until eventually they had to spit Bungie back out.

    1. Valid concerns, but it’s a no-brainer really.

      As I said to Derek, it is not normal for Directors of Professional Membership bodies to draw down a salary in not for profit Institutes and Societies which is what the IGDA claims to be. Professionals provide their time gratis. Only the administration staff and bills get paid.

      And you still clearly don’t understand how any of that actually works. There are so many non-profits (e.g. churches, charity organizations) that pay key personnel, while others are volunteers. The IGDA is no different. Some people are paid, while others are volunteers. What’s so hard to understand?

      e.g. I have vast IT experience as I was an engineer before I switched careers. So if I were to offer my services to an entity as an IT person, does that mean that I shouldn’t because my company is only a gaming company?

      What concerns me is that people don’t seem to understand the concept of hiring an individual vs hiring a company. I don’t get that. Look around, there are many, many people in all fields whose companies contract out to others, even though they are the “name” and “face” of the company. Heck, even most of the US senators have their own companies which have absolutely nothing to do with politics. It happens.

      If you don’t know what “diversity” is or how it applies to the IGDA, then you’re having the wrong discussion and asking the wrong questions.

      In fact, many – many – companies send their employees for diversity training or they just have an entire internal dept (e.g. Google) that does it. Or they hire an outside company to do it. e.g. https://www.yourdiversityatwork.com/diversity/

      As I said in my missive, the thing with conspiracy theories is that people will continue to try and jam everything and anything in order to shape the narrative into what they want it to be. So there is no explanation that will satisfy. And through it all, people wonder why the targets take the high road and choose not to respond.

      1. I’m going to admit that I find it very difficult to visualise that a director of company should take be taking salary from a self declared professional body. I can understand expenses, but not pay.

        Okay, but fine, I’m a Petroleum Engineer we operate in a foreign environment to Game Developers and its fairly clear after 6 months that our rules and standards regarding supply chains, renumeration and conflicts of interest are much, much more stringent and transparent.

  5. Lets see now. I remember “kotaku investigated kotaku and found nothing wrong with kotaku.”
    Are we going to get the same here? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least

  6. His excuse seems to be “this is how business is done” rather than “this didn’t happen.
    He might be right (my experiences are that few businessmen don’t flout the law at will) but he’s essentially saying he’s neutral while taking a side *quote obviously*
    He’s allowed this “fracas” to continue without even TRYING to moderate and that puts cry to ANY protest that he gives a shit about the health of the conversation.
    He may be genuine, but if so he is also a fucking coward.
    Was Edwards involved with a company that profits from IGDA? Yup.
    This LOOKS BAD even when it is ENTIRELY okay.
    Instead of admitting how bad it looks we get an olive branch of “gamergate isn’t all a hate group, and I totally never said it was. I just said nothing when they was the public position of IGDA”

    Fact is, these “professionals” should be ashamed of themselves.
    They need to step up and take some bloody responsibility and clean the mess they made.
    You fucks attacked a culture. You did so INTENTIONALLY.
    You provoked and antagonised, and use any reaction as justification.
    You don’t get to just declare yourself the moderate in the room after the fact.

    An enlightening and fair article. I’m far too incensed after 7 months of bullying to want anything but these fucks bulldozed into a ditch, the ditch covered in dirt, the whole thing scooped up into a cargo container and the container fired into the sun.
    I’m glad there are cooler heads to prevail.

  7. This basically amounts to “The IGDA isn’t corrupt because I say it isn’t corrupt”.

    Fuck the IGDA. Gamers don’t need them, and developers don’t need them either. Reputable organisations don’t make use of mass block bots that flag people for guilt by association.

  8. Sounds like he only really addressed Kate Edwards’ IGDA. Doesn’t sound like he can talk for the stuff IGDA has been pulling in other countries. And I know for a fact that there is other stuff.

    1. Right. I only addressed what people reached out to me about because they know my history and because they know that I am the least likely to hide or coat anything.

      There is a reason why nobody else has said anything and the reason so much conjecture laden bullshit keeps being spread.

      The fact is that even in my heyday, I didn’t represent the IGDA proper other than as a gaming advocate. And as I indicated in my missive, we’ve had many an argument about internal things which, like all corps, isn’t always rosey. Just because the public isn’t privy to it, doesn’t mean squat. Conspiracy theories without evidence are just that, conspiracy theories cooked up by people with too much time on their hands.

  9. They want to ” meet somewhere in the middle” ?
    How is going to work?
    Only half corrupt jurno’s ans half censorship ?

  10. As a lifetime members, does Derek have access to the parts of IGDA that the rest of the public doesn’t? I understand the org’s charter is public knowledge and as a non-profit, it has to adhere to very strict rules, regulations and guidelines, but are all its inner workings available to all members or even the public? Is it completely transparent in how it works? I believe being a non-profit doesn’t mean a company still can’t do illegal things as I’m sure plenty have in the past even without their members’ knowledge, it just means they’re not supposed to and they’ll get in trouble if they’re caught.

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