Final Fantasy XV’s Ramuh Summon Video Is Quite Spectacular

The Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae demo is available through the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD bundle and some gamers have already started playing the demo and uploading gameplay content to give the rest of the gaming community an idea of what’s in store when the game finally launches. One of the gameplay snippets let loose on the public is a video of the Ramuh summon used to take down a boss. To shortly sum up the summon: it’s quite spectacular.

Arekkz Gaming has a quick video that clocks in close to three minutes, featuring the summon and how it’s activated. He gives a brief but detailed explanation on how to summon Ramuh in the video below.

So basically, when Noctis’ life gets down to zero he can summon Ramuh to come in, pick him up, save his hide and lay down some righteous punishment on the baddies like #GamerGate exposing Ben Kuchera across social media.

Final Fantasy XV has been slowly building up a steady amount of hype leading toward its release. The details on how the combat works, how the teammates operate and what the world travel is like are starting to spill out like Kiefer Sutherland spilling out of a limo after a drunken night out on the town in between a stalled career hinging on the sporadic success of 24.

I do wonder what some of the more “tame” summons look like in Final Fantasy XV. Are all of them over-the-top and epic? Or do they vary? It also always annoyed me when you would do a massive summon call-in and it was all cool and over-the-top and like a giant blockbuster movie moment, but then it barely scratched the health bar of the boss. I hope the game has a fine balance so summons are balanced well enough to maintain a feeling of importance and necessity throughout the battles.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is available for the Xbox One and PS4. The game enables players access to the Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae demo. You can learn more about both games by giving a kind visit to Square’s official website.


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