Dead Or Alive 5 Launches For PC As Angry Gamers Rage

Team Ninja’s PC rendition of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round has just launched for PC, and with barely an hour of gameplay on their records, PC gamers have picked up the pitchforks and lit the torches, because they’re going on a poor-port witch hunt and they’re aiming to burn the house down after Team Ninja dropped the ball big time.

Team Ninja has been fairly mum about the details of the PC version of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round. We found out just what would and would not make the cut in a previous posting by GameCity, where it was revealed that the eighth-gen boob physics would be supplemented with seventh-gen boob physics. Gamers looking to indulge their eighth-gen boners… raged.

Dead or Alive 5 landed on Steam for the price of $35.99 at a 10% discount for the first week of sales. The one thing that stands out the most are all the discussion threads and complaints in the user review section, where the game’s user rating is “mixed” at the moment. A lot of it due to the fact that features present in the Xbox One and PS4 version of the game didn’t make the cut in the PC title.

There’s one discussion thread with a thousand comments, as people rage, rage and rage some more. There are threads mostly discussing what doesn’t work in the game, from the controller to the start-up screen to the save games to the DLC. The rage from the discussion thread is an extension from the user review section where consumers further articulate the problems with a product they paid for that isn’t up to par.

The appropriately named BallisticDrama rolled out a very thorough history lesson and review of the game in the review section, writing…

“The devs don’t really give a ♥♥♥♥ about the PC community other than having a new outlet to funnel more DLC costumes through, to the point of threatening those who would try and modify the game with never getting another DoA release, but with the quality of the port right now I don’t think they should try again until they actually put some effort into it that doesn’t DETRACT from the game.”

With only an hour on record, SternSeele puts the blame of the game’s shortcomings on the Koei Tecmo’s investors, saying…

“TECMO shows no respect to PC Gamers at all. All they want to do is to make the The annual financial statement looks better in April. April 1st. is the first day of Japan’s new financial year. I guess the only reason the made this so-called PC version is they are far from their sell target this year.”

One of the more controversial reviews for the game comes from Mr. ADAO. 180 people out of 340 found his review helpful, as he wrote…

“I can’t refund so I’m here to write negative review.

“Team Ninja & Koei Tecmo Games use this game to humiliate PCMR, I have a great high end PC but I get worse graphics and content than console.

“Don’t pay full price for it.”

So a game was used to humiliate the Glorious PC Master Race? Hmm… right.

There are some positive reviews for the game, many coming from true-and-through fanboys who have played the game series for years. Others, even with their positive reviews, are still reluctant to stay entirely positive about the game, with Steam user Akayoru writing…

While lacking in terms of what this port could be, it still works better than expected and definitely deserves a try.

The one thing I find most shocking is how many people are posting user reviews for the very first time. There are a lot of gamers – presumably former console peasants who upgraded to the PCMR – and decided to drop in and express their disdain for the poor port of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round for PC.

Not everyone is on the angst train. Some users took the opportunity to do a user review and rage against the ragers, with Revy #NOCTO writing…

Seriously,people cry too much,yes it lacks a few things but I really don’t care. I don’t own a console, and I don’t want to buy one. All I want is to have this game in my gaming library.


I strongly advise you to purchase this game,because as a user who thought of cancelling his preorder,at least I have eyes to see that nothing’s wrong and this is a game that works fine,runs fine,even on an old computer. Tekmo isn’t a fair company,but the amount of disrespectful opinions is way too much. The game instantly recognised my controller, had no issue playing it at 60fps on max settings to admire kasumi’s great body,and ayane’s well designed fighting moves. I strongly suggest you buy the game,and not give in to the crying trolls.

Attacking paying consumers because they didn’t like what was stripped out of the game or poorly implemented? It’s like Mass Effect 3‘s ending all over again.

It’s not all bust, though. I’m sure modders will get to work on the game, adding in (or re-adding) all the necessary features that were broken on launch for PC, as well as re-enabling things like the Soft Engine. I’m sure they’ll also go a step further and toss in all the nude mods that Koei Tecmo feared would happen with the game launching on PC.

You can learn more about the game and the very negative user reviews by paying a visit to the official Steam store page.


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