Bloodborne Patch 1.02 Fixes Duplication Glitch But Not Load Times

From Software has put the priority of fairness before performance, as the latest patch for Bloodborne seeks to rid players of their ability to cheat their way to the top by duplicating pebbles and using it to making multiple versions of the same item; a tactic players used to dupe enhancement items to upgrade their weapons and stats. The one thing the patch doesn’t do is address the game’s long load times.

Hardcore Gamer did a quick post explaining what was fixed, what was removed and what’s still pestering hardcore gamers.

The multiplayer bug that some people complained about still seems to be present, but the duplication glitch that allowed players to cheat was removed. Load times, however, were not fixed.

Some gamers expressed frustrations at the automatic update, as they were expecting it on Wednesday and planned to disable the auto-updates or stay offline so they could still access the dupe. One user on Gamefaqs explained…

“Thing is, I’ve already beaten the game too. I just wanted to use the dupe to max my rank in the covenants and to max my character’s level, so I could have one PvE dedicated character with everything unlocked. Every other character I make was going to be PvP related so SL matchmaking would never be a problem.

“I thought they said they would release patches on Wednesdays so when I saw my game updated over night I was really frustrated. Now I’m torn between restarting or not. It’s such a pain in FROM games to reach the maximum level without exploiting a dupe.”

Others expressed lamented that the dupe was removed but the long load times are still in place.

Josh, over on Hardcore gamer explained that the glitch dupe is nothing off his back, but the load times are…

“I love Bloodborne and all this update fixes nothing that matters to me. My only complaint is load times, i understand its going to be hard to fix.”

The load times have been a problem since the game launched; a minor thing that people have consistently complained about.

I guess From Software wanted to prioritize fixing the cheat above getting a handle on the long load times. For people still keen on glitching and duping, some gamers advised others to avoid downloading patch 1.02, and instead just keep with the older version to play offline and continue to cheat. However, if you want to play the co-op or multiplayer, you will eventually have to download the patch and update your game.

You can learn more about Bloodborne if you don’t already have it by checking out the game’s official website.


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