Bloodborne Item Duplication Glitch Lets You Spawn Infinite Items

So you’re looking for a way to get infinite Blood Echoes or infinite Blood Gems? Well, there’s a new glitch for getting exactly what you need from Bloodborne, cheating fast and easy so you can level up your character pretty quickly.

NextGenUpdate has a forum thread from a YouTube video from Gametastik that walks gamers through the process of duplicating items in Bloodborne, basically making it a cheat to get infinite items.

There’s a few things you’ll need sorted out before you start the glitching process. As mentioned at the start of the video…

“To do this exploit you will have to make another character and get to Cleric Beast Boss. You don’t have to kill it just get it to give you access to the storage chest.”

There’s an added disclaimer in the YouTube description of the video as well, noting that…



“This only works with stackable items, not with weapons! The video was captured with patch 1.01 installed.”

With all of that pointed out of the way, the video is below, and you’ll need to follow each of the steps for the item duplication to work.

So if you’re unable to watch the video or head to YouTube for any reason, the basic steps are as follows:

You’ll need to make a second character to use alongside your main. Log into your second character, and while you’re in the Hunter’s Dream, store a single pebble in the storage box.

Exit the game and go back to the main menu.

From the main menu, proceed to log back into the game using your main character. You can store the item that you want to duplicate. It can be any stackable, but no weapons.

The next trick involves storing any number of pebbles in storage as well. However many pebbles you put in storage is how many items that will be duplicated in the process. So if you store a Blood Gem and then store 8 pebbles, you’ll get 8 Blood Gems. You can retrieve the item you duplicated and put it back into your inventory, but leave one if you plan to duplicate more.

You can get more pebbles and keep duplicating the items you want by repeating the steps above.

Cheating never looked so easy.

Bloodborne is available right now for the PS4. If you need a gameplay walkthrough guide for the game you can check it out right here. If you need more cheats for other games, you can scope out more cheats right here.


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