Bloodborne Complete PS4 Gameplay Walkthrough

Bloodborne has become a bit of a surprise hit for Sony after it launched and received lots and lots of critical love. The game is another entry in the hard-as-nails action-RPG sub-genre, complimenting releases like Lords of the Fallen and Dark Souls. However, many gamers have already complained about Bloodborne’s difficulty, eschewing the need to play it straight and seeing them seek out walkthrough guides for a bit of help.

Thankfully, Hassan Al Hajry has a complete gameplay walkthrough guide for the PS4 exclusive. It spans 22 hard hitting videos and covers both the good and bad endings, so you can see exactly what it takes to get the ultimate reward. You can scope out the video playlist below.

You don’t actually have to die to get your new weapons at the start of the game. You can dodge some of the enemies and light a lantern to head to the Hunter’s Dream to grab your starting weapons and gear.

You can create your own character, male or female, and choose your stats, age and name before hoping into the game. Players will start in Yharnam and work their way through the horrors of the Gothic city.

The character Hassan made looks like his name would be Wesley Barnaby Yorkshire. His hobbies would include dusting off his Arthur Conan Doyle collection on the weekend and smoking a pipe in an upholstered leather chair.


Anyway, one tactic that helps out early on is killing as many of the Yharnam townsfolk as possible and collecting any and everything you can. Use what you’ve gathered to return to the Hunter’s Dream and sell the goods for new armor and upgrades. In fact, try not to expend any bullets if you can so that you can sell them for some extra currency.

The first boss in the game is really a pick-and-roll kind of boss. Dodge the attacks, attack the back of the boss and keep alert. It’s pretty easy. The second big boss battle in the game is a lot more difficult… Father Gascoigne.

Gascoigne can do everything you can do, so you need to stay on the move and be wary of his projectile blasts, which can seemingly come out of nowhere. He’s just not an easy boss no matter how you cut the custard because he can dodge and counter just like you. The best thing to do is to carefully time your attacks in between his and wear him down while constantly staying on the move. As I mentioned, it’s not easy and requires a lot of patience and skill.


The third boss, Vicar Amelia, is a traditional boss with standard patterns you can memorize and manipulate. If you decide to use the hammer be sure to dodge Amelia’s attacks first before executing the combos. If you try to do a combo first and then attempt to dodge you won’t have any stamina left. Alternatively, you can keep peppering Amelia with quick-cuts using the sword. The same can mostly be said for many of the other bosses in the game, which also rely on typical boss-pattern attacks. Pick-and-move, wait-and-strike.

The Witch of Hemwick is a pretty easy boss compared to Amelia and Gascoigne; just keep killing the Witch’s minions and wear down her life while doing so. It’s that’s simple.


The benefits of the heavy hammer is that it does massive damage to foes but it zaps stamina quickly, making it difficult to dodge and roll quickly while launching counter-attacks. The sword is a really good alternative for small, fast enemies where you need to stop them from attacking or interrupt their attacks without taking all your stamina for a spin.

The hacksaw is an average all-arounder that hits right down the middle if that’s what you need. It’s neither terribly quick like the sword nor is it terribly powerful like the hammer.


Basically, once you get the gear you need you can run through most of the level until you get to the next boss. A lot of the monsters hanging around are just there for item fodder, if you need any items to farm.

Bloodborne is available right now for the PlayStation 4. You can learn more about the exclusive by paying a visit to the game’s official website.


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