Aurion, African Fantasy Beat ‘Em Up Is Coming To Steam

Aurion:¬†Legacy of the Kori-Odan is an African themed beat-’em-up made by an African development team named Kiro’o Games from out of Yaound√©, Cameroon. It’s based on African lore and stars two characters trying to unite various warring tribes while leveling up and beating the living crap out of enemies with some really awesome magic attacks and special powers that would make Goku blush and Vegeta break out into a 15 minute whining session full of envy.

Kill Screen has a very, very long and detailed article about the game’s development and production. I completely missed this game over on Steam Greenlight but thankfully caught wind of it through an indie dev Twitter hashtag.

The game was recently, and successfully, greenlit for Steam. This means that once the developers are done and finished with the title it will make its way onto the Steam store.

I don’t think mere words could do this game justice, so I’m not going to go off on a multi-paragraph description of the game’s content. I think the trailer depicting both the main characters and their special abilities do a fine enough job of that for me. Check it out below.

The game looks really cool and I have to say, the magic counter system is brilliant… brilliant! I’m always curious why we don’t get more magic and melee counter systems like in Aurion?

Still, it’s nice to see a game coming along as well as it is.

With the Greenlight phase well and completed, it’s just a matter of time of waiting to see the game make the leap to Steam’s store. The game has a similar look to Sacred Citadel but it’s already a lot more in depth as far as the combat system, combo system and counter-system are concerned. Sacred Citadel suffered from a rare kind of boredom that had me nodding off one too many times.

You can learn more about Aurion by paying a visit to the Steam Greenlight page.


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