Sonic Runners Coming To Mobile Devices This Spring

Sega may be moving out of San Francisco and into L.A., with their offices, as well as axing 300 jobs (with possibly more on the way) [via AllGamesBeta], but they’re going to keep Sonic The Hedgehog alive and milked for as long as they possibly can. The only thing is: they’re moving away from large console titles and focusing on mobile and online PC games. Hence, Sonic Runners is going to be a mobile-only release set for this spring.

Hardcore Gamer spotted the new trailer from Sega and Sonic Team that reveals that the blue speedster will continue to live on, even if it’s nothing more than as a shell of his former self and in the form of a potential endless runner for smart devices. You can check out the teaser trailer below.

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This move obviously comes on the heels of the poor reception that the Sonic titles have been receiving as of late on home consoles, specifically Sonic Boom and Sonic Lost World for the Wii U. Both games suffered from some major glitches and poor design schemes. The overall concepts were pretty cool but the execution was piss poor, where it should have polished like your grandmother’s crystal collection that you were always told not to touch, or else you would be forced to massage her bunions all afternoon long.

Anyway, if Sonic Runners is an endless runner designed in the same vein as the classic Genesis titles, it may not be that bad. However, if it’s another one of those Temple Run cash-ins with shoddy gameplay and enough bugs to make an exterminator shake his head in shame, then it’s just more bad news for Sonic fans.

Right now the trailer for Sonic Runners is just for the Japanese region, but I’ll keep you posted if the game has plans to arrive Stateside.


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