Sonic Boom Only Sold 490k On Wii U And 3DS Combined

We sort of now have a verifiable reason as to why Sega decided to recently restructure. They practically killed off Sonic with the release of Sonic Boom, a game that was poorly received by the critics and poorly received by consumers.

Wii U Daily does a basic rundown of the information that has so many fans of the blue hedgehog saddened and depressed.

Over on MCV UK there’s a more detailed rundown of the numbers, as they state…

“Add to that declines in sales of both PC staple Football manager and both Wii U and 3DS titles, and Sega Sammy’s financials for the nine months ending December saw a 12 per cent drop in net sales, 65 per cent drop in operating income and 24 per cent decline in net income.”

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal only managed to sell 490,000 SKUs between both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. Super. Epic. Fail.

Some may be quick to point to the Wii U’s less-than-10-million install base as the culprit for the poor sales of Sonic Boom, yet if we compare Sonic Boom to Mario Kart 8 or Super Smash Bros, we can easily see that the install base doesn’t excuse the game selling less than a million copies.

Nevertheless, Sega’s continued poor decision making in crafting worthwhile Sonic titles has finally come back to bite them hard on their creatively scrawny arse. They’re now restructuring and letting go large groups of employees in addition to relocating their main offices in California. Sega will focus mostly on PC games and mobile titles now. A real shame. They’ve already committed to this business decision with an upcoming mobile running game called Sonic Runners.

Gamers kept asking Sega Sammy for another prime-time Sonic game made in a similar vein to Sonic Generations (which is still one of the very best Sonic games ever made), but nope… Sega wouldn’t listen. Oh well.

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3 thoughts on “Sonic Boom Only Sold 490k On Wii U And 3DS Combined

  1. FUN FACT!! Sega used to have employees that weren’t complete idiots!! AND they used to make some of the finest games anyone had ever seen…Somewhere around 1995/6 they fired everyone with an ounce of common sense and had them committed to the looney bin!! and took a bunch of hobos fresh off the train from Yumah and said “how’d you like a job, my good man?”

    1. lol… I think this is a game I’ll likely pick up from the bargain bin sometime down the road. A lot of those glitches were kind of a huge turnoff though, especially when watching the walkthroughs and seeing people get stuck behind walls and stuff.

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