Silence Of The Sleep Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

Silence of the Sleep is an interesting side-scrolling adventure game that delves into some fairly dark subject matter. It’s from indie developer Jesse Makkonen. The game follows Jacob Reeves into a terrifying and mysterious world after he throws himself into the blackness. If you find yourself having a little bit of trouble in the game there’s a complete gameplay walkthrough available.

Without giving too much away, if Silent Hill turned into a side scrolling version of the movie Jacob’s Ladder it would be Silence of the Sleep.

There are some seriously creepy moments in this game that will give you a genuine jump-scare and some frightening elements to cull startled reactions from the player, every once in a while. It’s an extremely well designed game that covers the horrors of regret, depression and the guilt of suicide.

The game takes a startling turn from basic point-and-click adventure title to a full-on horror-survival game a few hours in. You can check out the full walkthrough from Getty’s Tube below.

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A few basic tips for the early goings of the game: space activates the inventory. For the one puzzle near the beginning where the box drops out of thin air and the door locks on you, the combination is ‘7’, ‘2’, ‘3’.

The safe that you find later on in the lounge requires another code as well, and it’s ‘6’, ‘9’, ‘6’. The rose you’ll need is also pretty easy to find if you just keep traveling left. You’ll get the rose from the man playing the guitar, who also happens to be Jacob’s psychologist.

The trick to getting around the segments where the monsters are chasing you is to use the peepholes to spy out where the monster is and when it’s moving through the halls. Timing is key.

Silence of the Sleep

A big part of progressing through Silence of the Sleep is delving into the exploration of every nook and cranny while also keeping an eye out for the shadow monsters. It’s a fine balance between staying alert and being attentively conscious of your environmental surroundings.

You can pick up a digital copy of Silence of the Sleep right now from over on the Steam store. Alternatively, you can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.


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2 thoughts on “Silence Of The Sleep Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

  1. Very freaky, just playing it for the first time (there was a huge discount on Steam). All of the “complaints” which I read on the forums aren’t true, if you’re a gamer…

    Though there’s a certain degree of difficulty when it comes to solving different kinds of puzzles (some with the mouse), it’s not like games with “clunky” controls – everything can be figured out; well, so far at least, playing chapter four (pretty much!) without online help and trying to hold on to sanity. 😉 🙂

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