Roblox’s Hex Captures A Kid-Friendly Version Of Halo

The popularity of Roblox still kind of baffles me, but the fact that it just keeps growing in size proves that it hits its target demographic with striking accuracy. One of the games that has pulled in a lot of attention of the Roblox audience is a small FPS called Hex – Premier Arena Shooter, from So Studios… It’s like a kid-friendly version of Halo.

The game was recently given the the review treatment by Maxxz, who recently posted up a video on the Roblox YouTube channel. You can check out the two minute review below.

If you didn’t bother watching the video, the game Hex sports eight handcrafted maps, customizable armor, upgradeable weapons and is currently free-to-play after the developers axed the original access fee.

As of February 18th, 2015, the game page for Hex has garnered more than 360,000 visits.

If that all sounds grand and dandy, it’s time to drop the hammer of truth on the good news. In the YouTube comment section there’s a user conveniently named Codester Productions, Roblox Rants. Yes, that’s his full handle.

Codester actually has some decent points that he brings out about the game to contrast Maxxz’s review. His comment is as follows…

– Maps can be small at times.
– Spawn camping is frequent.
– Customizing character is simply for the end game screen, it doesn’t actually carry over into the game itself.
– Trying to earn points to buy new weapons is long and, most weapons are worse than the default.
– Points in KOTH are extremely biased at times, allowing for one team to spawn closer than the other.
– 3rd person allows you to peak around walls, removing stealth.
– Being called a hacker is frequent (At least for me)
– P2W incentive is obvious if you look at the points you make compared to what you can buy.
Artifact mode is a joke as the first team to get the artifact back to their base and camps it wins.

Codester’s channel contains quite a bit of butthurt, so it’s one of those things where you have to weigh the pros and cons. He does bring up a good point about the official Roblox channel only focusing on the good of a game and not the critical points. But that’s what the comment section is for, right?

A couple of people actually agreed with Codester’s assessment of Hex, but I tend to get the feeling that the game itself might fall somewhere in between the super positive review by Maxxz and the more negative criticisms by Codester.

You can also find a pretty spiffy headshot collage put together by John Roblox, a YouTuber who executed some flashy moves in the game and captured it in video format for your viewing pleasure. Check it out below.

Like that dubstep? It’s from Pendulum and it’s called “The Vulture”. It’s available over on iTunes if you’re into that kind of hard wub-wub.

Roblox is up and available right now along with Hex – Premier Arena Shooter. You can check out Hex by visiting the official website or by registering for a free account over on


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