Overkill Explains Why Payday 2 Has No New Content On Xbox 360, PS3

Overkill Software is hard at work on Payday 2 for the Xbox One and PS4, due for release this summer as the Crimewave Edition. The game will boast native 1080p resolution but may opt out of a locked-in 60 frames per second. One thing that Overkill’s producer Almir Listo mentioned that stood out is the explanation as to why the Xbox 360 and PS3 haven’t been receiving new or frequent updates like the PC version of Payday 2.

Speaking with Videogamer.com, Listo stated that…

“Since we have such a close connection to the community, we’re aware there are a lot of last-generation players that are frustrated that we haven’t released anything more. We’ve given the last-generation support, but we haven’t given it as much support as the PC version. From our perspective, now when we finally talk about this, that’s not a strange thing at all because, what people have to remember is, those consoles are 10 years old. That’s decade old stuff, you know?”

I’m glad someone finally said it.

The fact that the Xbox 360 and PS3 still gain support even to this day, holding back a lot of great games, is an absolute farce. It really is and that’s about the nicest way to put it. There are games that would service this generation a heck of a lot better on the gameplay and performance part if they weren’t hindered, hampered and inhibited by the limitations and low technical ceilings of last generation’s hardware.

Nevertheless, Listo goes on to further explain specifically why no new content has been released for the Xbox 360 and PS3, explaining the basic technical limitations preventing the team from putting out new updates, saying…

“Payday 2 is a multiplayer game and whenever we release a new heist, for example, that might be 2GB. And what people don’t realise is, that content has to work on the first version of Xbox 360, which had like, what, 20GB worth of space? And you can download the full game, so there you have 10, 15, 20GB now. There’s no way to cram the content into the machine, and that’s the problem.”

Sucks for seventh-gen vagabonds, right? Well, I mean it’s not like a case could be made where Genesis players could complain about not getting Saturn games or a plethora of 3D titles. It’s just a technically silly argument. The same kind of applies here.

Listo went on to say…

“For those console gamers who transitioned to the next version of their console, they’ll be able to enjoy Payday once again and it’ll probably feel completely different for them if they haven’t played the PC version.”

The only drawback for new-gen console owners is that Xbone owners might find themselves on the lower-end of the technical spectrum given that Listo mentioned that if they can leverage the PS4 to do more or do things better than the Xbox One because they can… well, they will. So they’ll aim for parity but if there will be disparity because the PS4 allows for it, Overkill Software will gun for the gold.

You can check out the full article over on Videogamer.com or pay a visit to the official Payday 2 website to learn more about the game.


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12 thoughts on “Overkill Explains Why Payday 2 Has No New Content On Xbox 360, PS3

  1. I was honestly surprised that they took the time to release on the previous generation. Just goes to show how based Overkill is despite their insistence on copious DLC.

    1. I can only imagine the painstaking process of trying to get the game to run on the 360/PS3 when they could have been putting more time into making a bigger and more comprehensive game. But at least they’re now focusing on the proper consoles.

  2. 160m consoles vs. 30m consoles… Hard to ignore that player base. Hence why games still release on the old consoles. However I think things have turned a corner on that and we will stop seeing so many cross gen titles or at least they will be separate games (like AC Unity and Rogue, I think is its name?).

    1. Yep, Ubisoft did it right with AC Unity and Rogue.

      Even though Rogue was mostly just a bunch of re-used assets re-released under a new title, it was a solid game. Unity? Ehhh… well, they tried.

      But a “smaller” standalone for the old-gen consoles that just sits in a corner is fine if they just want to scrap up some cash from that audience. But if any dev plans on doing anything original with today’s technology they’ll really need to leave behind the PS3/360, even though that 160m install base looks really juicy to tap.

  3. This is why PCs will forever remain as the undisputed champions of gaming. No need to worry about silly generations, just scale that game and it works across the board.

  4. Lol this is the biggest bullsht lie post I’ve ever read. All this “the last-gen consoles are not powerful enough” is all just a lie to work less. I’m certain the last-gen consoles can do MUCH more than the 8 heists we’ve received. The funny thing is that I payed $29.99 for the console version of payday 2 but only $19.99 on the pc version, which has almost 30 heists without any DLC installed, just updates. I’ve payed for both, but because I’m not a virgin and spend half my life buying new graphics cards and n all that unnecessary sht, I would rather play on console. I have a life unlike 99% of Steam’s community, I don’t have time to switch graphics cards buy a $10k PC, upgrade every month. So no, PC is not a “masterrace” it’s a “virgin race.” PC players = Forever virgins

    1. And if you reply, wash your hands first. I feel bad for your keyboard having to be dirty b/c you just came all over your hands. PC Players = Forever virgins

  5. So, the reason behind not releasing updates for the Xbox 360 version is because of hard drive capacity? The first Xbox 360 can be upgraded to 250gb. This is just OverKill’s bullshit excuse to explain why they are too lazy to change some coding around. The Xbox 360 maps literally are thrown together as if a five year old did it. Cracks in the cells that show the area in which the world is placed and such. If only programmers cared about consumers as much as they did money, then we’d maybe have a good Payday 2 for Xbox 360 and PS3.

    1. Also the RAM limitations. 512MB is nothing and there’s a limit of how much they can cram into the game. They also had the same problem with DLC for Skyrim on PS3.

      But yeah essentially you would have to start modifying the system requirements for the home consoles. At that point, it’s just cheaper to get it on PC.

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