Ninja Trail Takes The Pac-Man Concept And Evolves It

I don’t often write about mobile games, but every now and then I’m sent a press release or two where I’ll at least take a look at the game and see what it has to offer. Ninja Trail is an IndieGoGo project designed to bridge various mobile puzzle games together into a sort of neo-Pac-Man style experience.

The game is being designed by a handful of designers who were briefly backed by investors who put up some of the money to get the game as far into development as it is. The title is aiming for 100 levels and multiple puzzle types for players to interact with. You can check out the promotional trailer below.

The logo for Zynga in the back near the end… hmm… I remember when they were hated worse than EA and people were actually rooting for Electronic Arts to bury them. Do you remember that? Because that was pretty hilarious. It was a little like Bane going against Killer Croc or something.

Anyway, on the IndieGoGo page it’s mentioned that…

“Ninja Trail is a 2D visual game for those old school enthusiastic gamers. The simplicity of Pac Man, addictiveness of Candycrush and an in game challenging concept – comparable to Angry birds, makes this a sure fire winner to be one of the high hitting games of 2015.”

As a simple Pac-Man clone I do like that it adds a couple of neat elements such as hiding in the bushes or unique environments that are less restrictive than the typical Pac-Man stage designs. But is the game really worth a $100,000 investment from crowd-funding? Well, you’ll have to decide that for yourself.

The game is currently sitting at £0 out of a £100,000 goal. They have up until April 3rd, 2015 to secure funds. You can learn more about the team behind the project by paying a visit to the official IndieGoGo page.


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