Mortal Kombat X Living Towers, Online Factions Trailer Released

NetherRealm Studios recently announced the new Living Towers combat mode for Mortal Kombat X. It’s a trilogy of challenges that updates hourly, daily and weekly. The three towers are the Quick Tower, which frequently updates throughout the day, the Daily Tower, which has new challenges players can take on every day, and the Premier Tower, which has weekly events that are cycled in and cycled out with the biggest and best rewards.

While the Living Towers have been talked about by various websites given some hands-on experience, NetherRealm took it a step further by releasing a four minute trailer that details the new mode and what it brings with it, along with some extra info on the new Faction Wars feature, a social mode where you gain points by playing the game and contributing to your Faction’s growth. The Faction with the most points at the end of the week will earn some special rewards. Check it out in the video trailer below.

One of the neat things about the Faction Wars is that you’re constantly contributing to your Faction just by playing the game. I think that’s kind of cool. I don’t, however, think the online-only thing is cool. It really strips away from the value of those who just want to dive into the game and play without having to deal with any of the social meta-game bull-crap.

I understand a lot of companies want to maximize the potential replay value of their titles, but forcing people online is not the proper way about it. Hopefully there are some modes like the Living Towers that can be played solo, similar to Mortal Kombat 9.

I mean, we all know what happened with Blizzard and Diablo III with their always-on, right?

Anyway, I like a lot of what Mortal Kombat X has to feature, but I’m not really sold on this whole social thing unless the single-player offline stuff is still well and intact.

Regardless of those reservations about the game, Mortal Kombat X is due to drop on home consoles and PC starting April 14th, 2015 later this year. Need more info? Feel free to pay a visit to the game’s official website.


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One thought on “Mortal Kombat X Living Towers, Online Factions Trailer Released

  1. So disappointed. This game was on my list to buy. Not anymore. Between the online-only aspect and what looks like MTX I have zero interest now.

    So they cannot even make a simple fighting game for single players anymore. This just sucks.

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