Joystiq Joins Engadget, Massively Becomes MassivelyOP

I guess game sites don’t stay dead just like gamers don’t stay dead. Shortly after AOL sent out the word to shutdown Joystiq, WoW Insider and Massively, there were safety nets being deployed before any of the people who worked at those sites fell too hard or too fast, almost like those “friends in high places” having “work” available for Al Capone’s friends when they got out of jail. Joystiq is being scooped up by Engadget and Massively is branching out to become MassivelyOP.

Ten Ton Hammer is reporting that Joystiq’s Massively division will be located at The tweet on the new Twitter account makes it all too known what will become of Massively.

You can check out their new video content going live on their Twitch account.

Engadget takes a more bombastic approach to the news, announcing that Joystiq X Engadget is the new endeavor and Ben Gilbert, a member of the Game Journo Pros, exclaims…

“So, what in the hell is “Joystiq X Engadget,” other than a kind of hard name to say?

“It’s the new home we’re creating on Engadget dedicated solely to gaming coverage. Not game coverage, but gaming coverage — that’s an important distinction. We are not in the business of providing press release regurgitations, trailer-based marketing for big-budget games or previews based on carefully scripted PR events. That’s game coverage for the most part. Gaming coverage should aim to cover the intersection of life and games: how the medium impacts us as human beings.”

Some of you might remember Gilbert as the one who penned the article about Intel’s $300 million dollar investment being in “response to #GamerGate”.

It’s not surprising that Gilbert would come to the aid of fellow Joystiq staff, you might remember that Joystiq had some of the most Game Journo Pro members who at one point worked at or were current staff before it closed down. An infographic by Twitter user BoneGolem breaks down how many members of the Game Journo Pros worked at various tech and gaming media websites. These are many of the same websites that either declared gamers as “dead” or have been using their platforms to spin misinformation in order to keep the narrative going about #GamerGate being a harassment campaign, even though ample evidence has surfaced about corruption, cronyism, collusion and illegal activity taking place in games media.

Each block represents the number of individuals from that outlet that was on the Game Journo Pros list, which was leaked by Milo Yiannopoulis back in September of 2014 on Breitbart.

It’s not surprising that Gilbert would rush to the aid of those he’s well acquainted with.

As noted on Tech Raptor, the new Joystiq X Engadget will also offer reviews, but without scores, as well as Twitch streaming for some of the latest games.


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