Hatred Won’t Be Censored On PC To Lower AO Rating

Destructive Creations is moving forward with the development of Hatred as the game nears the second quarter release. One thing they won’t be doing is going back to remove content in order to have the ESRB’s ‘AO’ (for Adults Only) rating lowered.

I did reach out to Destructive Creations regarding the rating to find out if they would attempt to appeal the AO rating or alter the content to get the ‘M’ for Mature rating instead. According to the team…

“We will not change the game context and content because of AO rating for the PC release for sure. Can’t say too much about consoles yet, we do not know how publishers and other companies will react after PC release. It may occur that game is not as brutal as they assumed it after the trailers and then again weird things can happen.”

I do get the feeling that the game may not be as “extreme” as it might appear. I think it’s more-so the presentation and the context setup by the first trailer that put everyone on edge and caused a lot of controversy.

However, the developers had previously mentioned that they were worried about a potential Xbox One and PS4 release due to the ESRB’s Adults Only label. Neverthless, there’s still hope for Hatred landing on home consoles because the game hasn’t been rated by the Pan European Game Information board, better known as PEGI. According to Destructive Creations…

“We do have to submit the game to PEGI, we didn’t do that yet, because PEGI doesn’t rate unfinished games”

That’s a very good point.

It seems kind of weird that the ESRB rated the game before it even managed to get a release date. Although, it could have been worse… I mean, in the case of Hotline Miami 2 the game was outright denied classification by the Australian ratings board because of an implied sexual assault in the game. However, full-on disembowelment in Mortal Kombat X is a-okay?

I’m not saying I condone any of the content in any of the games, but consistency or cogent explanations from the ratings board would be nice… otherwise it just looks like prudes with the minds of kids pulling favors for interest groups who dislike the content in the game(s).

Hatred is set for release in the second quarter of this year for PC. You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website or checking out the Steam page.


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  • aRunning_Maniac

    It still boggles my mind as to why it was slapped with the ‘AO’ rating in the first place. Even with the trailer, one can tell from the footage that it’s not any more violent than a game like Manhunt or Postal. People, as always, were looking for something to cry about and Hatred was in the open.

    Watch all these game journalists play the game, go to review it and conclude with “Eh, it likely didn’t warrant the ‘Adults Only’ rating. It certainly doesn’t pack the punch that we anticipated it to have.” No shit? I wonder why? I mean, it couldn’t possibly be because you hyped the thing up as “THE MOST VIOLENT GAME EVER!”

    Yup, I’m calling it right now. That’s how this will go down.

    • Yeah it boggles my mind, too. Apparently people at the ESRB got happy and the media will be made to look like fools when it turns out the “edgiest” thing about the game is the color scheme.

  • Fenrir007

    Can’t wait to play it! Like I said in the Steam forum, I kinda wish I was so “triggered” by the actions depicted in the game so I could experience that and maybe reflect on that feeling.

    Unfortunately, violence in games without a strong context (and the one in this game is rather weak) is something so trivial to me that I doubt it will make me think of anything beyond leveling up.

    I also hope this heralds a new age on Steam where AO games and stealth 18+ patches (like the Hunie Pop one) are encouraged or at least tolerated by Valve.

    • Michael Lloy

      I will only get this game if it has a “supreme gentleman” skin

  • hurin

    Ratings should be a guideline, never to be used to effectively ban certain games. This whole business has made me respect Gabe Newell for giving Hatred a platform.

  • Logic First

    Postal came out a decade or two ago and the world is still spinning. People freak out over the dumbest things.

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