Gaming Press Coverage Of #GamerGate Is One-Sided, Says Vanishing Of Ethan Carter Dev

Consumers, gamers and concerned citizens for the health and soul of media journalism have been complaining about the one-sided narrative levied against #GamerGate for six months. The press hunkered down and shot out a biased blanket of negative coverage on #GamerGate, labeling it a “misogynistic harassment campaign” and labeling people who use the hashtag as part of a “hate group”. Well, one developer of prominent stature isn’t standing for it, speaking out against the narrative peddled by the pilgrims of propaganda.

In an interview with TechRaptor, the creative director behind The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and co-founder of the development studio The Astronauts, Adrian Chmielarz, stepped forward to say what most rational people have been thinking: The media’s coverage of #GamerGate is skewed, agenda-driven and one-sided.

He mentions how people are being blanket-blocked on Twitter just for following certain individuals who regularly use the GamerGate hashtag, saying…

“We already have a blocklist on Twitter that some gaming journalists use. A blocklist that carpet-blocks anyone who is following anyone who is considered #GamerGate. So you can have a journalist doing their job and following various sources, and they will be blocked.”

Yep, this is true. When trying to reach out to various individuals it’s tough to get in touch with people or reach out when you’re automatically blocked. It’s sometimes difficult to get the whole story when certain subjects refuse to even let you ask questions. Inversely, any journalist blocking potential subjects so that they can carry on with their biased narrative shows that they have no intentions of adhering to any sort of ethical standard or reporting the facts in the pursuit of seeking the truth.

Chmielarz goes on to say…

“On top of that, we start having absolute insanity like accusing #GamerGate of threatening to attack PAX with sarin gas. The ridiculous part was that it was actually an anti-#GamerGate person who joked about doing that to #GamerGate while they attended PAX, but that’s not important. The important part is that there is a rift and it’s growing. And I don’t want gaming to end up like sci-fi.”

Yeah… that whole sarin gas bit? Propagated by the in-crowd whom we’ve come to recognize as an individual utilizing media platforms to push their own selfish agenda, including throwing former “allies” under the bus to do so.

Chmielarz, like most gamers, just wants the press to get back to gaming and to leave all the McCarthyism to the bygone era of the Red Scare, saying…

“I would love for the gap to shrink not to merely avoid blacklisting but mostly to heal gaming. I think in our case it’s possible we are too known and have too many other options to be effectively silenced for good, especially considering I am the only one in the studio who cares about #GamerGate. And if Correia can do it without having any help from the mainstream, so can we. But it’d certainly not be a healthy situation if gaming was more driven by politics than quality.”

Totally agreed.

The best part of the interview (for me, anyway) was when Chmielarz finally laid into the media for their one-sided narrative of #GamerGate, saying…

“Some of these big websites published multiple anti-#GamerGate articles, so they clearly care about the issue, they don’t stay neutral or indifferent. But how is it possible that they have never ever offered their platform to, again, the counter-argument? And I mean that in a way that even if they truly, deeply believe that #GamerGate is a legion of murderous misogynists led by Satan himself, why not offer their readers a taste of their views?

“But no. There’s just radio silence. Well, to be more precise, there’s just this extremely one-sided narrative of #GamerGate is bad, mmkay?”

Big name developer Mark Kern, the founder of Mek Entertainment, recently tried to appeal to the media and press to step off their ethically deformed high-horse and mend the rift that they created.

Unfortunately, Kern was met with subtle threats from games press, including outright dismissal from editors like Polygon’s Ben Kuchera.

Games press don’t want fair representation because all the facts, the evidence and the corruption are stacked against them. There is proof for all of it.

Chmielarz states…

“This is the gaming press today, excluding the ones that just want to stay away from it all. They no longer offer viewpoints and let their readers draw conclusions themselves. They have become the preachers, the illuminated shepherds, the condescending protectors.”

This is true. In addition to purposefully ignoring facts to skew news, and silencing the voices of women, LGBT and minorities, there are no major media outlets calling out Jonathan McIntosh’s poorly researched Feminist Frequency videos. Although, I’m sure if McIntosh was the one in front of the camera instead of Anita Sarkeesian, the media would have no problem calling out McIntosh’s Jack Thompson 2.0 agenda and factually inaccurate portrayals of games.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter developer goes on to elaborate, saying…

“…we had the yellow journalism used specifically in support of certain extremely one-sided narrative with only a few exceptions you could probably count on the fingers of one hand. It was and still is a nuclear carpet-bombing and demonization of any man or woman using #GamerGate hashtag, and glorifying and promoting anyone who’s willing to do it stronger and louder.”

That’s pretty much been the result of news coverage from most major outlets with the exception of a few, such as Slate, Forbes and Breitbart, the latter of which was responsible for first breaking the Game Journo Pros secret e-mail list.

And finally, Chmielarz brings it home, knocking it out of the park with this gem…

“…my personal problem with the press is not that they offer the platform to certain people I personally happen to deeply disagree with. I mean, that can be interesting, stimulating brain cells is not a bad thing, even if it’s through the mind-boggling incompetency of entities like Feminist Frequency. It’s fine. My problem is they do not offer that platform to anyone else, to any opposing voice. So I don’t want the press to stop offering their platform to people critical of #GamerGate or to social justice warriors, warlocks and wizards. But I would love them to let the other voices be heard too. And I don’t want the press to stop talking about the darker side of gaming, the truth will heal us. But that’s the thing. The truth.

I added the bolded emphasis because that’s exactly what’s missing from coverage of #GamerGate in the media… so much so that Wikipedia proudly boasts an article based on all the misinformation put forth by the media that many people are looking up right now, most of the contents filled to the brim with factual inaccuracies.

Adrian Chmielarz has definitely gained a lot of respect from my end for having the balls to step up and step forward to tell it like it is. You can read the entire interview over on TechRaptor. And it’s well worth the read.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter from the Astronauts is available right now for PC and is scheduled to release sometime in 2015 for PS4. Need more info on the game? Feel free to hit up the official website.


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2 thoughts on “Gaming Press Coverage Of #GamerGate Is One-Sided, Says Vanishing Of Ethan Carter Dev

  1. I would be happy if the various sites would discuss GamerGate on all its levels. Sure blast the harassers but also acknowledge the people doing things for positive reasons. But far too many sites have a lot of dirty laundry and they really hate having it pointed out.

    Only people with something to hide fear the light.

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head. Just like what happened with the GJP, once people started digging and making connections it all came spilling out like KoP’s spaghetti on a live-stream or Lady Gaga taking an oral food dump on stage during a concert.

      The only problem is that the longer GG lasts the more destructive it becomes to their narrative.

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