#GamerGate Thread Closed Down On Shoryuken By Mr. Wizard

Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar has officially closed the #GamerGate thread. Just after allowing custom moves to be tentatively allowed in Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U, the head honcho and co-founder of the Evolution Championship series has closed down the #GamerGate thread in a strikingly curt fashion, a little like cornering an opponent in Street Fighter II and doing repeated dragon uppercuts before they can even get a hit in.

Kotaku in Action archived the final page of Shoryuken’s discussion thread for #GamerGate. It’s the typical banter from the people who don’t like #GamerGate and attempt to troll and derail the conversation, and the more levelheaded and sane folk propping up the victories and laughing at various editors from major websites discrediting themselves with faulty logic, as captured in an image below where one of the posters trolls hard.

“Mr. Wizard” pops in on the final page and simply states “Closed”, swiftly shutting down discussion.

No warnings, no explanation, no nothing.

Later on an image surfaced of Cuellar giving this explanation to his decision, stating…

“Any person caught degrading any other member of this site, will be banned for life. This goes for anything illegal as well, including rape and threatening people in real life. I’m tired of this shit.”

If a threat is made in real life does it still make a sound on a message board if no one mentions it?

Anyway, someone must have reported the board to the administrators of Shoryuken… that or “Mr. Wizard” doesn’t like playful trolling and the exposing of corruption in the media on his forum board.

Unfortunately for #GamerGate, they just lost another battlefront on the discussion board front. At least they have reinforcements over on The Escapist, as well as neutral and reluctant support from the Angry Joe Show forums.

I’m always curious to know exactly what it is certain people whisper into the ear of administrators to instantly get them to listen and believe without actually discussing the matter with the community first? Sometimes it seems like there’s a bit of artful word voodoo being practiced to get fair discussion and even-handed dialogue shutdown.

It’s almost like getting jammed in a corner while someone keeps repeatedly shooting fireballs from the opposite side of the screen, and you’re stuck because you picked Zangief after watching Snake Eyez play at EVO but then you realized that you suck playing Zangief, and your opponent won’t even give you a chance to catch a break. That’s kind of what it seems like whenever #GamerGate discussions get locked down in community threads like Shoryuken or Giant Bomb or Reddit or all those other places where they listened and believed.


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