Alone In The Dark Illumination Footage Depicts Uninspired Gameplay

A new gameplay video for Alone In The Dark: Illumination has been released to the public on YouTube courtesy of German gaming website PC Games (not to be confused with the American homonym PC Gamer who was found to be in bed, literally, with Ubisoft). They offer up a 12 minute clip showcasing the different gameplay mechanics and some of the baddies that players will face off against.

Plain and simple, the game looks boring and the gameplay is completely uninspired. However, you can watch all 12 minutes to get the gist of it for yourself.

There’s a single-player mode, which is what you see above, and a multiplayer co-op mode where three other friends can join in on the action.

The game runs on the Unreal Engine and is set within a universe that mimics H.P. Lovecraft’s distorted and horrifying mythology. However, scares, frights and horror seem to be completely absent from the gameplay itself. Someone should have told them that if they were setting the game in a Lovecraftian universe they should have bothered to make some aspect of the game… scary. Otherwise it’s like some fat guy sitting in a chair with a paper bag over his head and a bottle of wine in his hand, drunkenly saying “boo!” to kids as they walk past him in one of those staged haunted houses during Halloween… well, technically that could be scary for little kids.

Anyway, the gameplay is like 101 kinds of generic. You have your typical over-the-shoulder third-person shooting mechanics, a gun that looks like it never runs out of ammo, and monsters are more pathetic than the civil servants who let the Baltimore Antioch Diploma Plus high school in Baltimore, Maryland sink to the bottom as one of the worst high schools in America.

In fact, one monster runs up and just stares at the player like some sort of meth addict on a tryptophan binge. Given how undernourished the monster is, it must have been eating out of the half-empty dumpsters in Dayton, Ohio.

I mean, geez, it’s like a welfare edition of Killing Floor.

The element of keeping lights on and attracting monsters to traps seems somewhat okay… but man, the gameplay is so passe. You just back up and shoot… constantly. Did they really think this one through?

And just so it doesn’t seem like I’m ragging on this game pointlessly, keep in mind that the original Alone In The Dark from Infogrames back in 1992 was a pure Lovecraftian horror-action game. You had weapons of all sorts in that game but it was creepy, well-paced and had monsters that actually made you afraid… despite the dated graphics and stiff controls.

This online, multiplayer-foused rendition of Alone In The Dark is a farce of what the first three games achieved. There’s no horror, the infinite gunfire takes away all kinds of thrills or presence of pure horror, and the idiot A.I., is doing this game no favors. With titles like No More Room In Hell already available and free it makes a game like Illumination look terribly redundant.

Developer Pure FPS really have their work cut out for them if they plan on making this anything more than a cash-in shooter. If it’s free-to-play then players lose nothing with this game hanging around the online block like the drug pusher you ignore on your way to the corner store. If Atari plans on charging for this game, then it better be less than the likes of a used copy of Gears of War because right now I’m not seeing what the appeal is when games like Killing Floor already exist and Killing Floor 2 is just around the corner.

You can learn more about Alone In The Dark: Illumination by paying a visit to the official website.


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