ABC Reporter Admits They Have No Interest In The Whole #GamerGate Story

It was already previously revealed that major news outlets like the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ran divisive hit-pieces on #GamerGate to further entrench a narrative that started from the gaming media. Well, the American Broadcasting Corporation has joined the ranks as a mainstream news outlet skewing the news to push a narrative.

Over on Ship2block20 via Mukyou there’s an explanation as to why the coverage of #GamerGate was portrayed in the way that it was on the January 14th, 2015 edition of Nightline by Juju Chang.

One of the individuals portrayed in the piece was Stephanie Greene, also known as Sushilulu. According to the Mukyou piece, Greene was in contact with one of the reporters from ABC, where they had a back and forth exchange over whether or not Greene was satisfied with how the piece turned out. You can check out the images of the e-mail exchange here. Greene was not satisfied with the piece, and further mentioned that the Nightline piece failed to cover the nuance of online harassment for both women and men. Greene also mentioned that #GamerGate was unfairly represented in the piece.

According to the reporter, it was stated…

Greene wrote on the Ship2block20 piece that…

“I spoke with their representative on the phone after these emails. They first asked why I felt their piece was so widely rejected and was wondering what they could do to fix it. After explaining the issues with the portrayal of men and women who game, their definition of harassment, and how the piece looked more like a hit piece against Gamergate, I was informed that the “story” was too hard to “spin” to fit their ideals. They asked me to try to make solutions for women gamers only and made it very clear all they wanted were “female victims of the video game industry” because it was an easier story to market. I was shocked”

The familiarity of “spinning” the story to suit a narrative shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to those who have been following the narrative.

Conflicts of interests and illegal activity from the media is of no interest to the media, but demonizing an entire consumer demographic to push a socio-political agenda is. It’s also weird because those who actually break down the arguments and dissect them seem to disagree greatly with the narrative the media is trying to paint, even from a scientific point of view.

There was a final response from the reporter to Greene, who stated…

“[…] – sorry for the late response! It’s been a bit nuts around here. My boss thinks the digital segment may be too in the weeds, but she hasn’t rule it out completely yet. I’ll keep you posted!! I hope to hear something today.”

That was back on January 30th, 2015.

There’s a great unlikelihood that we’ll see any follow-ups from the American Broadcasting Corporation about #GamerGate… especially one that isn’t another hit-piece or a highly skewed depiction to fit narrative agenda.

Greene further wrote…

“There you have it, solutions to help deter online harassment is too “in the weeds” for ABC. I provided countless screen shots of both men and women addressing the issues with harassment and calling for change per her request. The people of the gaming community are not enough for ABC to show the truth.”

I reached out to ABC News back when the Nightline segment about #GamerGate first aired, but to date I’ve never received a response.

The whole segment, however, managed to get a lot of people riled up and angry enough to post rebuttals and opinion pieces ripping the segment to shreds, from Reaxxion to Quite naturally, the usual suspects that have continued to demonize gaming and pivot as anti-gamer propaganda outlets chimed in to give their own opinions and praise ABC for further driving a wedge between gamers and games media.

As Julian Assange mentioned back in September, 2014 when #GamerGate was still identifying the opposition and ramping up efforts to cripple the corrupt media at the advertising-knees, it’s time gamers level-up and play for keeps.

No media outlet is immune to Operation Disrespectful Nod. The choice for action and the future of the industry is in the hands of consumers.


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