The Witcher 3 Confirmed 1080p On PS4, 900p On Xbox One

Several sources have confirmed that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is running at native 1080p and 30fps on the PS4 and only 900p and 30fps on the Xbox One. GameSpot picked up the news from German gaming site, Gamestar, but later verified it with CD Projekt RED. The specs are in and gamers can expect a 633,000 pixel difference between the Xbox One and PS4 version of the fantasy medieval RPG.

Last year it was rumored that the PS4 would be running The Witcher 3 1080p and 30fps and that the Xbox One would be relegated to 900p and 30fps. This was detailed in an article on Eurogamer, where executive producer John Mamais stated…

“We will hit 900p no problem. We’d like to get it up to 1080p on Xbox One. That’s our goal. Whether we can do it or not I don’t know. We’ve got to squeeze everything we can out of the hardware.

“Microsoft and Sony say 900p is the sweet spot, and there’s not a lot of difference visually between 900p and 1080p, but it’s a hot topic now. So that’s what my goal is.”

This was somewhat downplayed a couple of months later when marketing manager for CD Projekt RED, Tomasz Tinc, revealed to GameSpot that…

“As [The Witcher 3 visual effects artist Jose Teixeira] said, we are working hard on optimizing the game and nothing is set in stone,” … “Our engine team remains optimistic and we will surely squeeze the most we can out of each console. I know you might be expecting concrete info like the final frame rate and resolution, but it’s simply impossible to give you that sort of thing before the optimization process is complete.”

Well, it wasn’t that impossible because Mamais called it a year ago and now it is final. 1080p for the PS4 and 900p for the Xbox One.

Some gamers were hoping that with future updates and iterations on the software OS front that Microsoft would be able to help squeeze a bit of extra juice out of the Xbox One so it could maintain 1080p alongside the PS4, but this gen is clearly in favor of Sony’s home console when it comes to the e-peen of processing power.

The Witcher 3 is due for launch on May 19th, 2015 later this year for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. A recent trailer was made available to give gamers an idea of what to expect from the gameplay, which you can check out below.

Additionally, Game Informer scored a few big worthwhile catches from a recent live-stream where the team revealed a bit more about the game, including the Insanity Mode possibly deleting your saved games in order to ramp up the difficulty, as well as the game’s combat being overhauled to support more than 100 different moves and animations that players can unlock through the skill tree. Oh yeah, and crafting higher grade items will require seeking out specialist blacksmiths.

They also mention that alchemy has been overhauled so that players will be able to get multiple uses out of a single potion after getting the recipe; players can also replenish the potions by meditating in front of a campfire… and fireplaces in homes don’t count.

You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.


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  1. Framerate, framerate, FRAMERATE. I don’t give a shit if it’s 900p, as long as they could bounce that framerate up to 45+. Oh well, I’ll be getting it on PC anyway, but it sucks for those without that option.

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